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  1. Waltz

    [REQUEST] Client multilanguage

    I am looking for a flash_texts_vars selector so user can switch the client language. I think the tutorial already made but I couldn't find it
  2. Waltz

    [REQUEST] RevCMS Login via email

    How do I make people login their account using their email not username? This is to prevent people from hacking/spamming account.
  3. Waltz

    Sports Thailand vs Malaysia

    Who will win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014? Predict the score!
  4. Waltz

    [Help] Group Options

    Hello DevBest! I'm having problem with the group options. when I click it, it disconnect me. I think I've found them before (SQL Queries). I'm using GTE (Phoenix Edit).
  5. Waltz

    [Request] Habbo Pet SWFs

    Hello , I wondering if someone have the following pet: monsterplant.swf bunnyeaster.swf bunnyevil.swf bunnydepressed.swf bunnylove.swf I've googled it but most of the download link are dead.
  6. Waltz

    Group Badges

    I'm using Phoenix but the image won't load at all.
  7. Waltz

    [HELP ] r63B Black Screen

    I'm having some problem with the client. but when I replace all the IP into localhost , it work . I'm using VPS. EMU : Mercury EMU CMS : RevCMS EMU config: client.php: cms config:
  8. Waltz

    [Release] BoostCMS 2.0 [Release]

    ## Database: Any R63A or R63B Database will work. All you need to edit is: Give every column below account_created (<- should be an 'int' btw) in the table users a default value Import cms_news and cms_comments from the PHOENIX database ## IIS: If you're using IIS you need to follow these...
  9. Waltz

    #MH370 Badge

    The reason I created this badge is for remembering the MH370. --------------------- --------------------- This is my first badge and sorry for my bad English! *R.I.P People in the plane we , always appreciating you.
  10. Waltz

    Bootstrap Help

    Hello DevBest Community! I am coding my new RevCMS Index based on Bootstrap (RP Edition) but I am facing some problem with the register. This is my Index look a like : And here is my html code : </div> <div class="col-md-4"> <form class="form-register" role="form" method="post" action=""> <h2...
  11. Waltz

    Help My Friend :(

    Hey guys, my friend build a new hotel r63b and the hotel is port fowarded. But, he cannot access the webpage but all his other friends can. Mind if help him?
  12. Waltz

    [HELP!!!] Port foward

    Hey guys, would you help me portfoward my router? I already follow but it fail. -Thanks :) Modem Info: Riger - DB108-WL -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Waltz

    Habbo latest swf

    hey guys, where can I get the latest swf of habbo? already google it but all of them are not latest one Thanks for help :)
  14. Waltz

    Facebook theme design (Not Coded Yet)

    Hey guys, I make this just for fun :). If u want to code it, sure you can. Here are some screenies: Additional:
  15. Waltz

    Help portfowrd this Modem.

    well, i'm using Riger DBL 108WL