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  1. Bjork

    [REQUEST] Need the last Dev branch (PlusEmu R3)

    Hi there, after multiple messages to @Sledmore or temporary team of Plus Emu devs, i need you to give me, if you have it before the git went down, the last untouched commit of the dev build of Plus Emu. I formatted my computer days ago and forgot to make a backup of this gem :( Thank you in...
  2. Bjork

    [Uber coder Needed]Floor, Wallpaper, WallItems For Private Rooms in Public Category

    Hey, i'm currently playing coding with Uber and i have a little problem. When i go a private room listed in Public room category, the wallpaper, floor and wallitems don't load. I know it has been corrected in phoenix 3.8.0. Do you know how to fix this? I would appreciate. Founded a...