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    All badges downloader

    I created and am providing a program that downloads all Habbo badges. Enjoy
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    [Script] Automatic Habbocity Furnitures Downloader

    I made this simple code to download all Habbocity furni. It is written in php, I recommend using PHP CLI to run. Open CMD and type "php script.php", it's simple!
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    Nitro with Plus emulator

    have prints?
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    Hi guys Helpme :(
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    Habbo Camera

    how to install?
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    Casino Rares

    not working in plus emu :/ furnidata, furniture e catalog_items is ok. <furnitype id="7474161" classname="casino16_dice"> <revision>7474161</revision> <defaultdir>0</defaultdir> <xdim>1</xdim> <ydim>1</ydim> <partcolors><color>0</color><color>0</color><color>0</color></partcolors> <name>Cassino...
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    [SWFs] Glass Dices 24 Tone Colors

    not working in plus emu