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    Find server IP behind proxy?

    Haha! You only can take down poor configured hotels and threatens them to send players to your hotel. You don't even know how your 'own' attack works.
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    legacy + sneakie peak pls
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    How to change ADS mobi rank on Comet Server?

    What SWF version do you use? Or give me the SWF and I will try to find the exact file.
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    How to change ADS mobi rank on Comet Server?

    This is not server related but client related. You need to replace the rank/level in the SWF. Only the saving part is server related (SaveBrandingMessageEvent).
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    SQL Troubles

    I think this is what you need: SELECT `users`.`*`, `jobs`.`*` FROM `users` INNER JOIN `jobs` ON `jobs`.`name` = `users`.`jobcode` ORDER BY `users`.`id` DESC LIMIT 50 Since I dont know your column name of the rank in table jobs I used the column name: name Let me know if you need help! Regards,
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    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Funny, while you rename an entire cms and calling it 'TownCMS'. Don't try to get attention all day long. Retarded. The reason of the removal of hflash:// was because the most people including me prefer Google directly instead of a new tab. But I agree, it was a better idea to leave it atleast...
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    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Hi, Here is the working one: FlashBrowser.exe Virusscan Source
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    AsteroidApp - Flash Browser Source for Habbo (MacOS/Windows 7/8/10 x32/x64)

    npm start works? If not then try npm install if it is still the same then move the folder to your desktop folder for example: C:/Users/YOURNAME/Desktop/YOURFOLDERNAME and then do cd Desktop/YOURFOLDERNAME and then npm start and after npm run windows to make it a .exe
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    AsteroidApp - Flash Browser Source for Habbo (MacOS/Windows 7/8/10 x32/x64)

    Hi, Since Flash will stop soon I've decided to release this electron application to make sure people can still play your retro until the HTML5/Unity Client is fully working. This works for Windows 7/8/10 32/64bits & MacOS. Source: Screens...
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    RevCMS Skin - Retro - Feedback

    Hi, I hope that by feedback you also mean criticism, because it seems like you got things from other themes, like the avatar container and high scores. The highscores don't really fit the theme. My tip is to make something yourself, even if it doesn't look good, it will give you inspiration...
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    How to make my habbo retro available to others?

    Yes is possible! Open 'CMD / Command prompt' and use command: ipconfig Copy the first ipv4 address (example: 192.168.1.**) and use this as cms url/emu ip. People in your network are now able to use the 192 ip as 'website link'.
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    Looking for fansite developer.

    PM me your discord
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    How to fix this CSS code?

    Use this for all browsers: display: -webkit-box; display: -moz-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: -webkit-flex; display: flex; -webkit-flex-direction: column; -moz-flex-direction: column; -ms-flex-direction: column; flex-direction: column;
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    Hobba International (

    What? What do I not know? I'm not talking shit i'm the owner of this, idiot.
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    Hobba International (

    You stole the theme from Leet/Habblet/Habbix. Useless hotel 4 me credits to AsteroidCMS & Florian for this amazing theme.