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    Change CMS

    Hello, Im currently using BrainCMS tho i plan on changing to something else. My question is how? Is there any guide on how to replace my current with a new? Thanks
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    Problem with PlusEmulator

    When i try to start my Emu and join hotel this happens. How can I fix this? 1552771028
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    Room Background

    Hello, When i try to put URL to Room Background and saves nothing shows up??? Saw this post: But no conclusion on how to fix this. Any idea what I should try? Also saw this...
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    Give user X coins every etc 15 min

    Hello, I know this is possible. Where do I define how much pixel, diamonds, coins users get every 15 min? Im using BrainCMS Thanks.
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    Open client in new tab instead of window

    Hello, I did try to do this yesterday. Also with support from the live chat. Apparently I still cant do this. Tried replacing this code with the advice. Nothing worked. Is it possible for someone to share the code?