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    Findretros on Cosmic

    Hi, Does anyone know how to correctly do the findretros vote thing on Cosmic CMS? I tried multiple thing, but most recent I tried the following code:

    Update: We are now also using a Flash desktop client for whomever would like to use this. We think it's a better option while HTML 5 is still in development. (so you can either choose to play on HTML 5 or our Desktop client for Mac or Windows).

    This is all standard Cosmic CMS, which I still needs to edit to fit Ekalus. Thank you for notifying me and we will edit the Staff page accordingly.

    I am not using the Habbo Unity client myself, thus I stopped playing Habbo itself. :') Plus, if it's a "bad copy" they are obviously using the same CMS and client as me. Spread love, not negativity. 🥰

    Today we opened Ekalus. This is a new hotel which has a HTML 5 Client - so no download needed. We are currently live with the BETA client, so this means that there will come updates when available. But until then, we have to work with what we have. We created Ekalus (turn around the letters and...
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    Nitro HTML 5 Client

    Oh my god. You are the best. It worked like a charm.
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    Nitro HTML 5 Client

    I am using these as base, and in config all the links to these assets are working. edit: apparently I am missing these: I just found out
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    Nitro HTML 5 Client

    That one is all empty. I believe that the assets are all good. But they are very confusing to do I must say, lol. Been using these also: default-assets
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    Nitro HTML 5 Client

    No error codes in console whatsoever besides the errors I posted here. ☹️
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    Nitro HTML 5 Client

    Hi, when I try to get into the client it loads to 80% and then it says in console while client says Connection Closed Connection is made with the emulator, it says username connected and username disconnected. Hope someone can help me out with this.
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    Recruiting Looking for dev & staff

    Hi, I am creating a new hotel and currently I am looking for the following to assist me and help me build the hotel. Developer (1) Hotel Manager (1) Community Manager (1) Currently the website is online and emulator is running, but I have trouble setting up Nitro for the client, so...
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    Recruiting Looking for manager!

    Hi, I am starting a project where the hotel is available in 3 languages. All connected to the same server, database, hotel. We have NL, ES and EN. For the NL and EN side we have a manager already (still looking for moderators) for the ES (spanish version) we are still looking for a manager who...
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    Flash - The place to be

    Update: is now available in 3 languages: NL, ES and EN. On our mainpage you get to choose which language you want to play. The website and hotel will be in this language. Keep in mind that the server is shared with all our websites. We host the language websites on sub domains...
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    Hi, I know you can use ports in IIS which makes it kinda possible to host multiple things, right? I want to host 2 websites (hotel cms) on the same server. Basically an english website and another language website. Also with 2 different URLs but with the same database and emulator. Does anyone...
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    Cosmic CMS web.config

    It's 7.4.1 that I have installed
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    Cosmic CMS web.config

    Turned it on. Is this the log? Can't really make sense out of it tho.
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    Cosmic CMS web.config

    Hi, I am trying to get Cosmic working again. I got a new VPS, followed the tutorial and installed everything. I get this error in IIS: When I remove a line from the web.config (<action type="Rewrite" url="/Cosmic/public/{R:1}" />) I get this:
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    Arcturus MS & Cosmic

    Hi, I have some questions. Hope someone can help me out. :) 1. I want to use the webkit plugin, but it gives me an emu error and the RCON doesnt work. 2. In Cosmic you have the HelpTool. When a user created a ticket everything goes fine. When answering through Helptool...
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    Flash - The place to be

    The post has been updated. New hotel URL and name, more text about hotel.