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    Websockets Arcturus

    Thanks for the answers given to me. Finally I'm working on adding some implementations, thanks to the Skeletor javascript plugin. While it is difficult for me, I would have liked to work with pure javascript like here: I don't know if I could insert this...
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    Websockets Arcturus

    Hello everyone, I would like to know more about websockets, how to implement them for example. I state that I am good at javascript, but I don't know about websockets. I use Arcturus.
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    Iframe nitro problems

    I am trying to create an iframe to link with my client.php and nitro. <?php require_once("inc/core.god.php"); if(Loged == FALSE) { header("Location: /"); exit; } if(maintenance == '1') { header("Location: error"); exit; } mysqli_query(connect::cxn_mysqli(),"UPDATE users SET...
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    I am trying to edit an actionscript file, the first time I used jpexs and it proved to be very powerful, except that when I save, it inserts code errors not entered by me. Now, I'm trying to use sothink swf editor, but it doesn't edit actionscript files. I would need to understand, how I could...
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    Error adding commands in the emulator

    I saw in the forum, old commands, especially interested on someone. The command to copy the furni of the rooms and bring them back to a new room. I transformed into the roomitemhandling file from this line of code: using (IQueryAdapter dbClient =...
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    Problem on desktop retroserver application

    When i try to create an application for my local retroserver habbo, using laynester system, it doesn't show me anything: it's just a white pagine. Help me please.
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    (Questions) Badge Habbo

    I edited instead of five, eight, but it doesn't insert badges. Tips?
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    (Questions) Badge Habbo

    Hi guys, I managed with Habbo Ui editor to enlarge the profile to increase more badges. But I can't find the PHP encoding, to put instead of five badges, seven. Help me, guys.
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    Problems Identify code

    I can't identify the code part of the black button and the avatar in the clothes. I'm looking for avatar editor and outfits. Can you help me?
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    Habbo UI images problem

    Hi everyone, I wanted to insert an image in the change look, inserting a piece of code. But when I go to "change look" the client crashes. Code: Code used for the image: I trust in you, sorry for my poor English.