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    lottery remake from revcms

    $enable = array( "buyLotteryTicket" => true, "lottery" => true ); function randomChance($min, $max) { mt_rand($min, $max); } public function randomLotteryNumber() { $randomNum1 = randomChance(0, 9); $randomNum2 = randomChance(0, 9); $randomNum3 =...
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    random gift on register

    $enable = array( "registerGift" => true ); public function registerGift() { global $db, $enable; if ($enable['registerGift'] == true) { $day = date('l'); $getGift = $db->prepare('SELECT * FROM cms_register_gift WHERE day = :day')...
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    random avatars on register

    $enable = array( "avatar" => true, ); function randomChance($min, $max) { mt_rand($min, $max); } public function avatar() { global $db, $enable, $configAvatar; $users = $db->prepare("SELECT id FROM users"); $users->execute()...
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    now, next and later script

    how it works: shows the current next and later event by the hour. sql: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `cms_events`; CREATE TABLE `cms_events` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `event_name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `time` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `day` varchar(255) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) )...
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    [AQW] Adventure quest worlds/aq3d

    I've played this game since 2008 and I still play it now its not got the biggest community but some of the developers on the private servers are pretty nice people wouldn't mind seeing these added to the gaming section so I don't have to goto other forums to see the latest stuff just a...
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    Call of Duty [MW] warzone teams

    I play alot of warzone and wouldn't mind having other people to play with as my team can't be on 24/7 so if anyone's up for games I'm down must have a mic and if u want serious games (I tend to have screamers in the game) then state in your post, I look forward to playing with yall 😊😊
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    Introduction Hey, Im BigD.

    Im not new to the community but ive never made an introduction about myself, The D stands for Dec but its still massive.