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  1. calensi

    Packet Headers Change

    Looking for someone to assist me on updating the packet headers to the ones that are used on Arcturus; Most are completed just need help with the rest.
  2. calensi

    visionr4 RP Emulator

    This is my first time ever touching this emulator and im getting this error.
  3. calensi

    [PHP] Wont Submit data to DB

    Hiya DevBest, Lately i have been working on a portal for a project that im working on, it involves a logging system to log something. my issue: its for a Habbo Agency. They want to log the people who got payed, how much, and who paid. Now i got the form and the submit working but not fully...
  4. calensi

    Rotate Command Plus EMU

    Does anyone have the Rotate Command like on boon how u say :rotate 1,2,3,4,5,6 for Plus Emulator?
  5. calensi

    Beware of these people.

    welp, here we are again. i hate writing threads on people that do shit, because i am no better. But these people are getting out of hand when i did fuck all to them. So heres the situation. @Morohara and @Bop are retarded and have been hacking my site, logging into my shit and changing my...
  6. calensi

    Football Error ~ Alaska EMU

    i get this error when walking into a football/soccer ball.
  7. calensi

    EMU Error ~ Plus EMU/Alaska EMU

    i get this error on the emu when it boots? fix?
  8. calensi

    Recruiting Developer to help me.

    Hello Devbest! I have opened a hotel and have been developing the hotel myself, i am looking for someone who is good at adding furniture, clothing, and much more Things you can do; Add Commands Edit the Client Side GFX Help me with the CMS edits Be active within community as if your an...
  9. calensi

    Help :p ~ need commands coded

    Is the EMU on the Micro CMS of Cabbos EDIT, is that EMU Plus Release 1? If so, does anyone care to share these commands for plus r1 and anything else thats needed for the command to work correctly, i have searched and dug all over devbest but cant seem to find a working command. Pay Command...
  10. calensi

    Plus EMU & RevCMS

    Group badges dont work, they are just invisible
  11. calensi

    plus emu error upon start

    does anyone have an sql fix
  12. calensi

    SetState command

    Does anyone have SetState command for Plus R1?
  13. calensi

    Alaska EMU

    Does anyone know how to fix this, it happens when someone uses floorplan and then there room breaks and is just black - Alaska Emulator
  14. calensi

    Request Custom Badges

    hello to all u amazing graphics artists ;) i am looking for custom badges of these people XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Slump God, Pop Smoke, and Juice WRLD
  15. calensi

    Findretros API - Cosmic :)

    Does anyone have Findretros API for cosmic, and can help me add it :)
  16. calensi

    Pay Command - PlusR2

    does anyone have a plusr2 PayCommand, and can tell me how to add it?
  17. calensi

    Beware of this user

    Hey people, hope you’re all well during the global pandemic. This thread is simply a warning for members of the Habbo retro community. It’s sad that there’s such people in the world who are racist and disgusting to people and it’s entirely a shame that these people ruin it for others and the...
  18. calensi

    Community warning

    I usually don't post things like this, nor am i one to talk for all the toxic things i've done personally. but i'm sick and tired of this community and letting people get away with this, yes ive asked him for help, and maybe begged but im actually sick of it... My mate sent him money for fun one...
  19. calensi

    Unable to Register ( BrainCMS )

    Hello devbest, My issue is that after i switched to braincms from revcms i get a issue when i register to my hotel it sends me to the me page, but it doesn't log the user into the db. Help is Appreciated.
  20. calensi

    Recruiting Habbo Hotel Owner/Manager

    Evening Devbest, I am the current owner and developer of Spark. If you have Experience with Development, Ownership, Management please get in contact with me ASAP The hotel is running off of a RevCMS Habbo Theme Edit, and Spark Emulator based off of Alaska EMU and Plus EMU.