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  1. Maatt

    Adobe Flash breaks Chinese railway network

    Thought this was a funny little anecdote... When Adobe blocked flash apparently it broke an entire rail network which was ran on it. Probs fake news but funny.
  2. Maatt

    Adobe Flash stops working if you change your computer date to after 12 JANUARY 2021

    Hello all, I’ve been doing some investigation into flash EOL and it turns out that Flash will stop working if you change your computers date to after 12th January and it will start working again if you change it back. This applies to Habflash and Google Chrome - not sure about other browsers...
  3. Maatt

    Thank you

    To whoever gifted me Xmas subscription to devbest thank you x merry Christmas xo
  4. Maatt

    Addendum release: Habflash Source Code

    Beta, v1.0.0 Hello everyone! With recent announcements that Adobe will start blocking Flash, I have decided that the best course of action for this project is to release the source code in its entirety. Please find that on the download link below. I have to note that this was largely made as a...
  5. Maatt

    Habbo (Official) Adobe to Start Blocking Flash Content from Playing from January 12, 2021

    Apparently Adobe will start blocking flash from January 12th... What do we think about this? Obviously it will break any electron apps etc.
  6. Maatt

    Habflash: The easy way to use flash, just like you used to.

    Beta, v1.0.0 Hello everyone! Thank you for your kind comments and support over on my development thread! With flash coming up for it's planned end-of-life at the end of this month - I today bring you a release which I know is long awaited. I hope that it buys some more time for the community...
  7. Maatt

    Clothing loading speeds

    Hello, I have a lot of custom clothing items on my hotel and it's great but they take about 743 years to load. I've tried reconfiguring my webserver and I've also tried compressing the SWFS but it doesn't seem to do much. I could add them to the catalogue but the amount of work involved means...
  8. Maatt

    Request entity too large

    I'm just trying to update my banner. I don't think the file is that large in the grand scheme of things. It's 1.1mb... this.
  9. Maatt

    Cameras help

    Hello everyone, Trying to fix cameras on my hotel but is nae going well. I want to edit my SWF so it posts the picture to my webserver. I've tried to do it myself but I just end up breaking my SWF and I can't use one of the existing ones because the build numbers are different. I don't really...
  10. Maatt

    How do I skew perspective using (or anything else)

    Hello everyone, This probably looks like a dumb question but I used to use to skew perspective on images so I could line them up against walls in ads_backgrounds etc. I have no idea how I used to do it cause I've slept since then. A bit like the below: I'm trying to flip it so I...
  11. Maatt

    Show DevBest PHP/OAuth 2.0 Discord Login Script

    Hi everyone, Was looking for this for ages and have been trying to work it out from Discord's documentation. In the end, I just adapted another OAuth 2 script to use with Discord because the principles are basically the same for all websites using OAuth 2.0. The script is very barebones, it...
  12. Maatt

    Game center icon enable

    Hi all, I am trying to enable the game center on my client and its not working from my external variables / override variables which leads me to believe its disabled in the Habbo.swf. I've tried editing the action script codes but I don't know what I'm doing. Can anyone advise if this is even...
  13. Maatt

    Limit purchases in cata (Plus R2)

    Before I set about developing my own solution does anyone know if there's anything in Plus (above) I can use to limit the amount of weekly rare my users can buy. Many thanx xo 1595005754 Just thought I should be more specific, I'm not talking about limited edition items. I'm looking for a...
  14. Maatt

    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Hello everyone, I was creating a desktop client for my hotel so users can access it when flash gets discontinued and it occurred to me that it might be more beneficial to make a solution that would work across all hotels to save users from having to install a desktop client for every hotel...
  15. Maatt

    Request Application Icon (.icns/.ico)

    Hello all, With the end of flash in 2020 I am currently in the process of building a light-weight desktop application for my hotel using Electron JS. I'm looking for an icon which I can use for my app (ideally something like the below but with rounded corners): Original image attached...
  16. Maatt

    NuxMessageAlert welcome message tutorial

    Hello all, As promised here is a tutorial for adding a welcome message to your hotel like the one below, this is for Plus Hotels running PRODUCTION-201701242205-837386173. Please note, if you are running any other build you will need to finder the packet header id that is specific to your build...
  17. Maatt

    Packet header question - i think?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could possibly help me with a packet related question. My hotel is running PRODUCTION-201701242205-837386173 (the default build for Plus-based hotels, I believe). Essentially, I'm trying to add a 'new style' MOTD message to my hotel. It looks something...
  18. Maatt

    Show DevBest RocketScript 1.0 - File uploader, URL shortener, Pastebin, User accounts

    Hello, Just a quick release - I don't really have any use for this script any more since I am in the process of making the 2nd version. This script is for a basic file sharing site and has many features already. It would certainly make a good base for a future project. Live demo...
  19. Maatt

    RP room ads_backgrounds

    Here is a collection of ads_backgrounds of buildings and various city elements that may be useful to if you're planning to make an RP or own an RP Bank and Overpass
  20. Maatt

    Flash [RP] FazeRP ~ Stable ~ R63 ~ Corps ~ Gangs ~ Mafia Wars ~ Colour Wars ~ Farming

    FazeRP FazeRP is a new Habbo Roleplay server that offers a refreshing contrast to most RP servers. We consistently update our server to provide users with new and exciting features and implement features that players want to see through our suggestions system. Unlike most RP servers our server...