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  1. calensi

    Nitro with Plus emulator

    You would need to update your packet headers to match Nitros.
  2. calensi | HTML 5 | NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED

    Basic CosmicCMS / NitroHTML5; Nonetheless, good luck!
  3. calensi

    Adding Public Rooms (Help Please)
  4. calensi

    Adding Public Rooms (Help Please)

    Did you run the command :update_navigator and/or restarted the emulator? Plus if im not mistaken FluxRP emulator the navigator shouldn't matter as its not useable as a user on the retro/rp.
  5. calensi

    Users Can't Create Rooms (Help Please)

    Check and make sure in your database their is a rooms/room_models table.
  6. calensi

    FluxRP Error (Help Please)

    Can we hop on teamviewer? DM me.=91575&hash=163193634731628231c21df049d252ef']Attach files
  7. calensi

    FluxRP Error (Help Please)

    No; use 5.6. ( if ur using xampp
  8. calensi

    Habbo Web Application for Arcturus Emulator (Laravel, Inertia.js and Tailwindcss)

    days not over hun x edit; dont rush him, bc i doubt you can do it urself <3
  9. calensi

    [Devbest Exclusive Series] [Ep. 1] How to create a R36B Habbo retro using XAMPP

    1. Is there a .htaccess in your htdocs 2. What PHP version are you on?[/automerge]
  10. calensi

    FluxRP Error (Help Please)

    PHP version...
  11. calensi

    FluxRP Error (Help Please)

    Your php version is wrong; downgrade to Xampp 5.6.40 (
  12. calensi

    Habbo Flash Browser source (OSX and Windows)

    was assuming sir
  13. calensi

    Habbo Flash Browser source (OSX and Windows)

    Okay, chill out. You released the source and he used it as a refrence. Im almost 90% sure that its not the same code.
  14. calensi

    About Basilisk- Portable.

    I've had issues with it aswell, personally would just build HabFlash into a previous version of flash or the app.
  15. calensi

    [Release] Dralaxy Rares (2020)

    Fabulous release!!!
  16. calensi

    Sky Hotel

    well fucking done, i love the cms besides the Index/Register; the index and register puts me off a little bit. Good luck with your hotel <3
  17. calensi

    [Release] Messy 2021 Furniture Release

    INSERT INTO `items_base`(`id`, `sprite_id`, `public_name`, `item_name`) VALUES (ITEM_ID, SPRITE_ID, 'ITEM NAME', 'swfname') Try using this as a base and make the SQLs yourself.
  18. calensi

    [Release] Messy 2021 Furniture Release

    Great release bran, as per usual.