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  1. Daltron

    [Arcturus Morningstar] Interval issue

    I'm having an issue with the intervals currently for credits, diamonds, and duckets. Someone in the discord told me it was in seconds. I have tried different intervals multiple times and I still don't receive anything after time goes by. Some help would be greatly...
  2. Daltron

    [HabboEMU] Furniture Issue

    The furniture keeps placing behind other furniture, I have changed the stackheights multiple times and it doesnt do anything, it continues to place behind it.
  3. Daltron

    Yumbo Hotel

    Yumbo has forcevote on the index. They also are botting the votes. Using a VPN to boost stats on findretros making it impossible to hit page one, Take a look at the stats yesterday and the Yumbo User count.
  4. Daltron

    [HabboEMU] Pet Purchase Issue

    I'm having an issue with pets, I'm unable to purchase them. It just gives me the error in the screenshot. I have no errors in the emulator either.
  5. Daltron

    [EubboCMS] Habwish Edit

    This is an edit of Eubbo's RevCMS edit. The only reason I'm releasing this edit is due to @LilChacheeRetroz (Owner of Habflash) decided to steal it from my MEGA whenever I was helping him on his retro and then take away the credits from everyone who worked on the CMS. He also can't even setup...
  6. Daltron

    Watch out for these toxic hotel owners

    Yes this is about to be a rant post. I logged onto Habflash Hotel looking to see what the hotel was like noticing that it needed a tad bit of work. Once I entered the client I was logged onto the account "Loren34" unsure as to who Loren34 is I realized that the owner had messed up the ID's in...
  7. Daltron

    What is a good host for a habbo retro?

    Looking for a good host since hostsavor has shut down. 1. 2GB - 4GB RAM, Windows VPS 2. TCP Proxy Host I found OVH which offers a 2gb VPS for 12.55$/month I only found epichosts for a proxy but would like to find another host Please give me some suggestions thank you :)
  8. Daltron

    Why is it so hard leaving retros?

    Everyone I mean everyone at some point in time tried to quit Habbo especially Habbo Retros. It might be easier for people to leave retros that have never developed them but coming from someone who has developed many, many retros I seem to struggle with throwing in the towel. I keep coming...
  9. Daltron

    R.I.P Juice WRLD - Gone but never forgotten.

    Some of you may know that we lost a legend in the hip-hop community. It truly breaks my heart to see so many young legends being taken away from us due to gun violence and drugs. Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, and Juice WRLD. If some of you haven't been caught up on the case with Juice WRLD here is...
  10. Daltron

    [BrainCMS] Weird Issue

    Every now and then I have an issue with brain like this: After I refresh the site a few times it will finally load, if you have a fix just let me know thanks!
  11. Daltron

    MySQL not allowing INSERT querys or im bad at coding one of the two

    Alrighty so, here is my code <?php require_once("inc/core.god.php"); if(Loged == TRUE) { header("Location: me"); exit; } if(MANTENIMIENTO == '1') { header("Location: mantenimiento"); exit; } if(isset($_POST['Usuario'])...
  12. Daltron


    I've installed IIS multiple times idk what I could possibly be doing wrong, but the site loads on the VPS as seen below but once I try to connect outside of the VPS I get this: I've been having this issue for awhile now some help would be wonderful!
  13. Daltron

    Otanix Emulator [Renamed]

    Re posting from another forum Hello everyone I do not like to make leaks but I also do not like to see the project of other people being sold, so I'm posting in open source to anyone who has interest Images:
  14. Daltron

    [UberCMS] Boon Look-alike

    Title says it all, I was a dev on this hotel that already started ripping Boons CMS so I just went ahead and finish it up a bit. NOTE: This is not an exact replica. [Screens] This comes with database as well as Arcturus with Rystbo's Catalogue. NOTE: Database is not...
  15. Daltron

    HabboEMU - Furniture owner issue

    I will place furniture in a user's room then :unload or even reload the room and it changes the owner name to a different user. Example: Room Owner: My furniture: After reloading the room: Any help would be greatly...
  16. Daltron

    HabboEMU - Customs are broke

    I added it properly (I think) Furnidata.xml Hof_furni External vars Furniture table Catalog Items table What it looks like on hotel...
  17. Daltron

    Retro New Retro Names

    I see people in the community making retro's and using the same name over and over again. I would love to see a change what do you think would be some very interesting retro names that could have a thriving community. Maybe one day we will see someone come around the retro community with a...
  18. Daltron

    Chocolatey CMS - The Clone

    POSTING FROM ANOTHER FORUM FOR DEVBEST! Chocolatey, BETA 3.000I Features * Totally (99% Fidelity) equal as * All Features from CMS * Improved for Habbo Retro Experience * Totally customizable * Compatible with php7+ * Compatible only with Arcturus * Continuous Development by...
  19. Daltron

    Drape Help

    How do you edit the drape where it says boon on plus emulator? and how do you edit enable 102 in plus emu? like where it says habbo staff
  20. Daltron

    Habula Hotel - r63a, Stable, & Secure

    I am delighted to tell you all that Habula has now opened this has honestly been a great achievement for me and the community I have standing behind me. ~ Background ~ Habula was opened because I decided that it was time that I make a hotel that I want to go far with that offers the best quality...