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  1. Pinkman

    Plus Catalog

    Hey guys, Recently on Solo we have been hitting 20+ . We are looking for a specific developer who is capable of updating and organizing the catalog and clothes. They are not my strengths and I wish to have something similar to HabPop but not the same.
  2. Pinkman

    Username Liam

    I wish to have the username "Liam" please. I can't tag nor can I search his name up but I can't seem to use that username either. Please :P @RastaLulz
  3. Pinkman

    Feedback Boon GIF Banner

    Hello, Im back here again, decided to work on a new gif with the help of a template made before. Here it is :D It is not finished yet so please be patient. @Sledmore @Owen @Bossman
  4. Pinkman

    Feedback Animated banner

    Created by Liam. Hlo!!! Can I have some feedback please ;D It's been how long now.. some several months since I done a banner and I personally think I have improved. (This was made with Paint.NET) Feedback pls x @Owen - Da Best Person in Da DevBest Community (You should follow him, he sort of...
  5. Pinkman

    Plus Emulator | 76% - Redirects to SWF Base

    Hello, I am having an issue where the retro loads up to 76% Disconnects and returns the the Base URL. Im not sure what the issue is.. @Damien @JayCustom @Meap @Sledmore @Greg
  6. Pinkman

    Feedback New banner?!

    Hello guys, So lately @Owen has been doing some mental work and I got this electric impulse saying "Ninja, you must do better then Owen!" So hence Im trying to learn Pixel now! Only kidding! But I am starting to learn pixel and do similar stuff to Owen since he is an inspirational figure...
  7. Pinkman

    Recruiting close thread please.

    Thread to be closed.
  8. Pinkman

    Feedback Banner and Logo

    Nothing big just want some feedback on these two graphics I created. (NOTE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER!) They are both transparent just that I did them on and background is like that blah blah blah... Inspired by @Owen
  9. Pinkman

    INACTIVE UMC 3.0 | Powered by RevCMS

    Hello guys, After seeing the administration panel on @BrainCMS being a success, myself and Benn decided to create a RevCMS Version since a lot of people asked for it.This panel, is still undergoing some developments, and will be released soon. Screenshots: @Benn and myself will be working...
  10. Pinkman

    Staff Badge help

    Hey guys, Im not a great SWF person nor do I like doing it. For some reason when I use Free SWF Decompiler, and just replace the image it works etc. I go on the hotel and then it shows like this My staff.swf file is: My...
  11. Pinkman

    Flash [★] Viral [★] Daily events [★] Professional Staff [★] Custom Commands [★] About Viral Viral hotel is a professionally ran habbo retro. Our main objective is too maintain an up to date hotel as well as keeping in mind performance, and how well the user experience is. Viral was first introduced on the 10/07/2017 by Thomas. I met him earlier when I...
  12. Pinkman

    Request Graphics for Zoon Hotel

    Hello, I am in need of a new staff badge and banner. If you could make one that would be great. Here is the logo I prefer you guys to use: Theme: Summer
  13. Pinkman

    Flash [★] Zoon [★] Daily events [★] Professional Staff [★] Unique Features [★] General Information: We have officially opened and on page 2 on Findretros. So far so good. We are also running on a 6GB VPS. What makes Zoon different?: Here at Zoon we have a strict eco system. What does this mean? Basically earning credits and duckets is not as easy as it is...
  14. Pinkman

    PlusEMU Chatlogs Overflow :/

    Hello people, I am having issues regarding with Chatlogs, I have asked @Sledmore to help me however you know how busy he is. I have removed the trycatch to see if it works and it did 50/50. Before removing the trycatch it gave me an error . If anyone can help that would...
  15. Pinkman

    How to update Emulator Revision

    Hello, I need to update my Emulator Packets like Rise Hotel. Can anyone help me?
  16. Pinkman

    Plus EMU (r63b) Group Badges fix and badges.

    Hello, Liam here! Today I will be showing you how to fix the badge and group badges fix. To do this you need to follow the steps. Steps: 1. You need to download {} 2. Go onto your current database and run a new query. 3. Run the...