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  1. ZaneyRetros

    "My World" not loading for some users...

    Hi all, I've never discovered any of these issues ever so eek. I've checked over the rooms table and users table and everything seems to be fine. I recently discovered this issue where users would log off and come back on eventually and then "My World" would fail to load for them, not sure why...
  2. ZaneyRetros

    [TUTORIAL] How to set up FindRetros?

    Hi all, surely this has been released elsewhere but there are many on DevBest that have incorrect code or loop once voted. Requirements: - FindRetros account, set that up if you haven't on - [NOT REQUIRED] A banner 1. Create an account on FindRetros. If you already have...
  3. ZaneyRetros

    What browser has the fastest room load?

    Hi all, I was wondering earlier what browser has the fastest room load in Habbo RPs? I've used Maxthon Nitro, MX5, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Canary, Internet Explorer IE. After a while, the browsers slow down even when I have no bookmarks and I clear my cache and history daily.
  4. ZaneyRetros

    [REQUEST] Logo and Signature

    Hello, I'm becoming bored of making signatures and logos for myself over and over again (don't even think I'm good at making gfx but people think I'm decent at it) therefore I would like to request that someone who is good at gfx makes me my signature and logo for Devbest, please. It would be...
  5. ZaneyRetros

    Flash Habyo Hotel | Great Hotel | Brand New | Hiring Staff | Dedicated Developer | Brand New |

    UPDATED THREAD - THE ONE BY @HoldUp IS OUTDATED Habyo Hotel | Great Hotel | Brand New | Hiring Staff | Dedicated Developer | Brand New | I would like some feedback please :p About HabYo: Habyo Hotel is a professionally ran Habbo retro. Our main objective is too maintain an...
  6. ZaneyRetros

    HELP - Where do I get the halloween welcome lounge?

    Hey. I have been looking all around the web for the latest halloween welcome lounge. It looks something like this; I've seen like 8 hotels with this now.