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    Habbo logo...

    I am looking for this font/text but saying "Hebbo" with some kind of Habbo icon incorporated into it. If anyone could knock anything up that'd be great! Thank you, Rob
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    Issuing a badge upon logging in (PlusEMU Boon Edit)

    I've got a piece of code, thought I knew where to put it but not got a clue really. Not been involved in retros since uberEmulator was released. if (!Session.GetHabbo().GetBadgeComponent().HasBadge("Z63")) Session.GetHabbo().GetBadgeComponent().GiveBadge("Z63", true...
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    Request Graphic need editing

    Hi, I need Habbo changed to Hebbo. Appreciate any help. Thanks, Robbie
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    Client loads to 76%, crashes and redirects to base url

    Hi there, I am using Plus Emulator (Habboon Edition) and I am encountering an issue. This is my client, and links to the vars etc are within this for someone to verify (before someone asks if my vars/override vars are set up properly). <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta...
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    Hiya, I'm Roper - but you can call me Robbie!

    Hello, I've been a member of the forum since the early days however never really took an interest in it, I think when I joined It was running some hideous forum software hence I was put off of using it regularly. Recently I've noticed a rival forum is dying down in terms of the section I use...
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    Hello, I was wondering whether it was possible to 'rent' the advert space where you currently display your Google Ads? I am looking for some paid advertising for a hotel I work for, and we'd be interested in a long term deal. Thanks, Robbie (Roper)
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    Unstable Server(s)

    Hi, I want your opinion on what the most unstable Holograph Emulator there is, as I want to practice my coding abit more and fix it up to make it more stable. Thanks, Roper
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    Do you support a football team?

    I was just curious to whether you supported a football team?