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    Retro Harry Potter Retro

    After Muggle's debacle, I'd say no. But if it's run by a entirely different group/community, getting more into the coding to alter habbo to indeed make more harry potter themed mechanics, and makes much more effort trying to atttract potterheads unfamiliar with habbo, i.e advertisement...
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    HabCtl - The Complete Tool For Habbo Retro

    Awesome! Still curious about this, really hope itll be worth the waitt
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    HabCtl - The Complete Tool For Habbo Retro

    Hoping this will be rereleased soon then! Can't wait!
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    HabCtl - The Complete Tool For Habbo Retro

    Still going strong, I hope? @TheOvster
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    HabCtl - The Complete Tool For Habbo Retro

    Hows this going!?
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    Furnidata generator for Jabbo v3.2?

    Hi! Quite an odd, and difficult question I assume, otherwise it might have a simple answer and I'm just nooby af. Theres this HTML/JAVASCRIPT retro project called Jabbo v3.2. inside the instructions, they say the following: - So to add a piece of furniture: *add the right images in...
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    Zeus HTML5 Engine

    How is this going now? Any updates?
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    Pirate Hat clothing piece

    HI! I didnt know where to post this but ill just give it a go. I'm searching for the files/codes that should give someone the Pirate / Tricorn Hat from the Pirate effect on habbo, but then used as hat clothing. Ive seen it somewhere in some hotels, but I cant find it isolated from other...
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    [Request] R63 RP CMS

    Yes we will xdd