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  1. PotatoJFlamingo

    [EubboCMS] Habwish Edit

    i saw this skin on RR, the only diff was the background
  2. PotatoJFlamingo

    [Layout] Habbo Design [Modern Flat]

    whoa this is super cool, thanks for releasing, i'll be sure to use the design.
  3. PotatoJFlamingo

    do you believe in god?

    do you believe in god?
  4. PotatoJFlamingo

    Braincms 1.9.1 simple edit

    oot : it's heartwarming to see the comments. ontopic : try messing around with other images rather than only backgrounds, also change the text color atleast to make it visible, goodluck!
  5. PotatoJFlamingo

    Flash Zebbo hotel, New retro

    just another retro with standard habbo theme, nevertheless goodluck!
  6. PotatoJFlamingo

    Habbo ditching flash soon confirmed

    ngl, the new ui looks shite. that won't stop me from trying and playing though.
  7. PotatoJFlamingo

    PlusEmu R2 and Swfs
  8. PotatoJFlamingo

    GoldFish CMS [Arcturus Morningstar, Laravel, Bootstrap4]

    the housekeeping reminds me of phpretro, this looks good. and maybe you'd want to add images like how habbo did on their site next to navigator
  9. PotatoJFlamingo

    [HABBOUI] Layne's Client edits [9]

    superb release, i hope to see more from you :up:
  10. PotatoJFlamingo

    Bottom Icons and 1 new Staff Bubble!

    i really like the staff bubble
  11. PotatoJFlamingo

    Website design

    just look for shock on rr's cms layout
  12. PotatoJFlamingo

    Website design

    its shockcms 2.2 (found it on *****) download > here
  13. PotatoJFlamingo

    Project Mango.

    oh looks neat, goodluck!
  14. PotatoJFlamingo

    Kepler - Habbo Hotel v14 server (BattleBall, Camera, Trax, Rollers) [Java]

    oooo the hype, gonna try and set this up! good job
  15. PotatoJFlamingo

    [PLUSEMU] Changing Purse Size

    you have any screenshot of how it would look like? nice tut btw
  16. PotatoJFlamingo

    Custom loading screen.

    this is nice, but i got this error