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  1. LeChris

    Common React Boilerplate

    Hey, I am working on building a bit of a React framework using decorators to help provide most of the boilerplate logic that is added to most new projects. So far, I have covered: Routing Auth Guards What else are some common things that are added to React projects? I'm also planning on...
  2. LeChris

    Recruiting Website Designer

    Hello, Heroic 4 is in dire need of a website designer who is able to make bold and creative themes! Applicants need to have a portfolio of some measure, their own mock ups for a retro website and other people to vouch for their work. The designer will be responsible for making the primary...
  3. LeChris

    Request Logo

    Was wondering if someone could make me a logo like this for my hotel Cyclone
  4. LeChris

    Automatic Flash Popup

  5. LeChris

    Who has OG habbo template in raw CSS

    Who has the Holo/Uber template in custom/raw CSS. I need this for a project because the original one uses JS as if it was HTML and it just doesn't become applicable easily to modern SPA's.
  6. LeChris

    Retro What would you like to see in a retro website?

    Just as the title says, what are examples of features you would like to see in a retro website/CMS? These can be either user facing or admin facing/housekeeping things. Do not suggest emulator/web socket things. I will take requests into consideration when working on updates to my project...
  7. LeChris

    Close Release Threads After A Month

    Mainly aimed at the Habbo section, but the idea would be to help discourage people from bumping old release threads if they encounter issues and to instead post in the help section accordingly . This would help to reduce spam and also keep the section clean. Edit: This idea could also be...
  8. LeChris

    Discord Bug When Joining

    It tells users to verify their account by following this link But, they should actually go to this link @bigdawg @Sledmore
  9. LeChris

    Town of Salem Referral

    Anybody got a code I could use, was interested in trying it out but would hate to pay for a game I might not enjoy
  10. LeChris

    Add Post and Like Count Under User Details

    Simple request, just add the post and like count underneath the user details like so. Also: Add padding to the medals so they don't float directly on the border
  11. LeChris

    Moving Forward In Life

    Hey all, First, I just wanted to formally apologize for any asshole thing I probably done to everyone. I wanted to help build this community up, but ended up tearing a lot of it down to my own ego and other issues (mental illness related). But, here's a promise to bettering myself and...
  12. LeChris

    Veracious - Node Validator

    Hey guys, I been writing PHP for a bit and got a nice little refresher on the perks of using Laravel. Sadly, Node lacks a nice validator that functions as smoothly as the one in Laravel so I taken it upon myself to start recreating it in Node! Mind you, this is still being developed (Only 1...
  13. LeChris

    NGINX - Permission Denied

    Client Error Error Log - cat /var/log/nginx/error.log 2018/10/12 00:05:59 [error] 6043#0: *1 "/hotel/groups/index.html" is forbidden (13: Permission denied), client: *redacted*, server:, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: "" User Check - ps aux|grep nginx|grep...
  14. LeChris

    Flash HabFort ~ Something Special

    Introduction HabFort is a hotel that has been in development for quite some time. Our team doesn't have much of an interesting story, however what we can offer is a feature-packed, economy-oriented hotel that has a lot of potential to grow and expand. Most of the hotel was built from the...
  15. LeChris

    Heroic 3S - Node, RESTful API, Clean.

    About Heroic is a CMS developed to provide a fast and fun experience. It comes packed with tons of useful features and modern implementations. Credits go to myself and @Billsonnn Features RESTful API endpoints Custom frontend built entirely in Vue 2 A custom loading screen to make your hotel...
  16. LeChris

    Hotel Setup - Heroic 3, SWF Pack and Catalog

    About This release contains all of the files necessary to create your own copy of Habfort Hotel. For general information, Habfort hotel used a custom website built from scratch to provide a fast, fun and beautiful experience for its users. This website was built on Heroic 3, Node 10 and Vue 2...
  17. LeChris

    Arcturus Furni Information Tool

    Another tool, This will go through a furnidata.xml and retrieve the public_name and description for the item based on its item_name and save it in your database. Typed in ES5 Javascript for Node Preview of Database information
  18. LeChris

    Habbo News Image Ripper

    Aye, This tool is written using Node and a few third party packages because why re-invent the wheel? It will download all the latest news images and their thumbnails so you don't have to stalk for someone else to release the pack for you.
  19. LeChris

    Needing Design Made

    I need this amazing design coded. Obviously, it's built on so just the additional things like the custom forms and so on. Much appreciation, credit will be given if you do so
  20. LeChris

    Request Hotel Logo/Badges

    Help is still needed. Logo Specifics I am wanting this logo font and color scheme except with a fort icon on the left side following the same color scheme. Also, any way to fix this horrid F? Seems weird looking. Badge Specifics Just the good ol' plain habbo staff badge. Except the top...