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    Unknown column 'refered_by' in 'field list'

    Hello, gonna keep this short and simple... when i try and registering i get a page saying "Unknown column 'refered_by' in 'field list' "
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    Flash >✶Habnet.Info✶< *Hiring Now! ✔ NEW

    On those days that the votes are on 0, the hotel was down due to maintenance/ and fixes... and you cant say how many users i have registered if you don't even come on the client.. there's 100 registered users fyi. keep the thread on topic no one cares.
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    Staff Badge Generator

    i added you @GoogleRetros#1441
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    Staff Badge Generator

    Do you have a discord i can send templates to?
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    Adding badges to a Habbo Retro R63B

    na i didnt have any issues, the only mistake i made was naming the badge/code STAFF there is already an existing badge so i had to rename it something else.. nice tutorial :)
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    Staff Badge Generator

    Do you think you can make me a badge or two?
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    Flash >✶Habnet.Info✶< *Hiring Now! ✔ NEW is a french hotel.. wont really be in the english community.. and definitely not on findretros.. is on second page on findretros.. btw like what you guys are doing with Habliss :)
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    Flash >✶Habnet.Info✶< *Hiring Now! ✔ NEW

    Actually it says that the thread must include atleast 2 screenshots, it doesn’t signify how the screenshots must be uploaded or attached.. I met all the requirements.
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    Flash >✶Habnet.Info✶< *Hiring Now! ✔ NEW

    Hello! Habnet is a new hotel that just opened on January 9th 2019. Habnet is about providing a fun & safe experience to the Habbo retro community! We offer a variety of new things, like snapchat stories, new & custom furniture, badges, vip, lottery, chests, and a lot of different bundles you can...
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    Would you be willing to dev for my hotel?

    Would you be willing to dev for my hotel?
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    Well it was just an idea if anyone was interested, thread is dedicated to seek help/support from a Dev for the retro.. i don't have a dev.. the Dev i have is working on his HTML5 project, so he does very little to the actual hotel, as he's not a flash dev.
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    Hello, i currently set up a hotel and me personally am not a developer... i need a dedicated developer who is experienced and always ready to work. If you are interested text me on discord GoogleRetros#1441 Thanks, i will have some screenshot of the hotel below. [snow storm may be a project...
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    Need Exp Owner/Dev

    Everything seems to work fine, client is up and everything is smooth on localhost... Could you post a short and simple reply as to where, and how i change the CMS to another one i downloaded? After all, i followed it from a tutorial from Revolvr that has like a few thousand views on it on...
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    Need Exp Owner/Dev

    Yes i know, i didn't mean to put them together.. PlusEmu is the Emu obv, and Phoenix is the CMS... i am currently trying to learn how to insert a new CMS but i don't know where to start.. could you help please?
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    Need Exp Owner/Dev

    Starting up a new retro, have it set up just need could use the extra hand :) if anyone is experienced with developing and owning please feel free to contact me through Discord! for the record im going wayyy back and using the PlusEmu Phonenix 3.11 for right now and over time everything will...
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    can you give me the discord link for the Habbo's Discord server? please

    can you give me the discord link for the Habbo's Discord server? please
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    Hey, i've opened up a legit minecraft server for version (1.11.2) if you don't have this version i can get you the Minecraft launcher download link for free. The purpose of this thread is to inform the public my need of assistance. I need players/admins/etc to help build parkours, minigames, etc...
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    I wanna co own a server with someone?

    Hello! I'm Mekaih.. i have hosted a few servers on minecraft in the past.. and it was really fun.. summers coming up and i was wondering if anyone has a server they'd need help with.. i'm very well experience.. just shoot me a message on here or discord. Thanks! : ) Discord: GoogleRetros#1441
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    looking for someone to host/own my habbo retro with me

    Hey, so i'm thinking about creating a Habbo Retro.. but i'm not much experienced with hosting it, etc.. and i'm underage.. i would love for someone to host it with.. (of course i will have a developer team, unless you yourself know how)(and you will get the owner rank).. let me know by inboxing...
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    looking to own a hotel with someone

    Hello does anyone know how to make a hotel, or can someone set one up for me.. (notice i said set it up, which does not mean coding, and all the extra parts.. just do it on localhost and set it into an ip address example: i can reach it at say : reply to this thread or message...