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  1. Mikey

    404 error

    Hi guys its been a while since i messed with retros so im rusty can someone please help me with this error and tell me how to fix it?
  2. Mikey

    Service Halloween Banner

    Im making Halloween banners like this one if anyone wants one for their hotel :P Just post: Hotel Logo: Bottom Text:
  3. Mikey

    Phonex 3.110 Working Juke box

    Edit: The Live Preview has gotten a DMCA so if anyone is running this let me know so i can post hotel link This was by AliDaBoss on R*geZ*ne Credits to him Aka AliKing on here :) "I'm fed up of seeing people using 'GTE' - it's a silly rename and messy source. The developer made 5 classes to...
  4. Mikey

    [Request] Gta v Crew emblem

    Can someone make this crew im in a new crew emblem the crew name is RichBoys14 anything is accepted idea maybe a skull type of thing idk anything will work aslong as its decent if someone could do this for free out of generosity as i dont have any money rn but if no one will do for free i understand
  5. Mikey

    Someone made a fake freshhotel

    Do not use your details on someone made a fake fresh prob to see if users are stupid enough to use there real fresh info or in an attempt to gain users i called the owner out and he banned me lol just thought i would let you guys know
  6. Mikey

    Windows 8 issue

    None of my windows 8 icons are showing (image below) Anyone know a fix for this or why it could be happening *Im not using cracked windows
  7. Mikey

    Hottest Skin

  8. Mikey

    Free Signature Template [PSD]

    Hey devbest today im going to be releasing a free signature psd NOT by me i found it on a rival forum and thought people on here could use it :P With Background No Background Download: Credits go to Triix on hf
  9. Mikey

    First Attempt Hello guys well this is my first attempt at a signature type thing :O please tell me what i can improve and a rate out of 10 :3
  10. Mikey

    Service Hotel Banners

    Hello guys title says it all! Please comment below Logo: Your own or custom Hotel Name Url: What you want bottom to say: This is the only banner i have to show because i recently restored my computer
  11. Mikey

    [Suggestion ] Accounts like this

    Accounts like this should be removed to give a person who wants that name to have the ability to get it. Mainly cause i really want the name Mikey :(:( screen:
  12. Mikey

    anyone excited for the shady xv album?

    Just wondering if anyone else here is excited about the new shadyXV album produced by shady records released 11/24/14?
  13. Mikey

    Reality Emu Edit

    Today i bring you a reality emu edit i have nothing to do with just here to release it for you reality lovers This is Acid's emulator from back when Josh was staff, shouldn't be too outdated. It's shitty, unstable and...
  14. Mikey

    First Attempt at designing

  15. Mikey

    Revcms index Uncoded

    Hello Devbester's im releasing a index i made in photoshop please rate also post suggestions Screenie: also could somone code for me?