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    LJW - Start of theme for BrainCMS (Constructive criticism needed)

    Okay so since you're starting I'll give a few things I'd fix/change: - Make sure padding/spacing between items is the same, even on your design - When centering, make sure it's actually centered - I might be repeating now but just make sure everything has the same width/length and positioning...
  2. M - Create your own furniture with ease

    Hi there, To create your own furniture, go to So you might know furnibuilder already, but I've never actually released it on here, You will have to create an account in order to make, share and download furniture. Dont worry, it's all free. Features - Add rotations (so you...
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    Brand new HTML5 Habbo Client [PIXIJS] [SOCKET.IO] [COMET]

    Could you share the github or some code snippets? Or aren't you planning on going open source?