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    CMS slow

    My hotel is not public yet and no one knows about it, so that’s not it. I just configured OPCache and the site loads almost instant now. But it’s still not instant.
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    CMS slow

    Hey, My CMS (Orion) is loading relatively slowly. I know the issue isn't with the CMS itself, but I suspect it might be related to my VPS or Cloudflare configuration. Here are the specs: Memory: 8192 MB CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2696 v4 - 4 cores Traffic: 15000 GB OS: Windows Server 2019...
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    CMS help

    Thanks. Updated it.
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    CMS help

    Hi, Is there anyone kind-hearted who would be willing to assist me with some basic styling and positioning, using Tailwind, Bootstrap, or CSS? It's a relatively simple task, but i could use a hand. I would like the tile (the one I dragged onto the image) to be at that exact position with the...
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    What is/was your favourite retro that you played on?

    Rabbo Hotel in 2013. It was a Dutch hotel.
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    How to setup new currency NITRO V2/Atom

    Hey, thanks for this tutorial. Sadly, it does not work for me. Literally nothing changes.
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    Dutch Shockwave Habbo translations

    Dear community, I'm working on an old school Habbo Hotel from the Shockwave era. I managed to translate almost the entire catalog into Dutch through YouTube videos and old dumped databases on the internet. However, I have not been able to find the original translation for the Camera, Alhambra...
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    Help V18 Habbo Retro Client is TINY! WHY?! LOL

    You can use IntegerScaler to play Shockwave Habbo in “fullscreen”.
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    [V15] WedCMS - Oldschool CMS + DCR (Kepler, NodeJS, Express, HBS, React)

    Hey! I already have a existing Kepler database and dcr’s. Can I install WedCMS with the existing databases and dcr’s?
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    [V15] WedCMS - Oldschool CMS + DCR (Kepler, NodeJS, Express, HBS, React)

    I’m afraid this project is dead.. please prove me wrong!
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    Shockwave built-in browser

    Hello, I'm starting a oldschool hotel for some friends, but not everyone knows how to install Shockwave. Is there browser that has Shockwave built-in? The Basilisk Browser release from Quackster doesn't have right Shockwave version to work properly with jukeboxes etc.
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    Is it REALLY 10 years though?

    Rabbo Hotel is probably the longest. Made by a guy named Jordy in 2006 and opened in 2007. It’s still running today.
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    How do I get a up to date client?

    How do I find the latest swfs for my hotel? I want everything to be updated like every other (big) retro. Is it custom? Or can I just download some files and configure it? thanks!
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    Setting up CMS gives blank Localhost page

    Download a random RevCMS edit and copy them to your current RevCMS and it should work
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    Setting up CMS gives blank Localhost page

    Use a .htacces and/or web.config that is xampp compatible
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    How to add a housekeeping to RevCMS?

    Hello, I want to add housekeeping to a random RevCMS. How do I do this? There is no housekeeping included.