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  1. Flukey

    Habbo Badge Tool.

    Been looking for one of these for along time Cheers
  2. Flukey

    Coloured Usernames Release [PlusEmu]

    i got it working for me there was an issue with the code if you like drop me a line and i will help you sort it.
  3. Flukey

    Help Needed!

    Hello, can anyone help me customize my hotel a little? to help me achieve some more active users etc? i would like to change a couple of things around the hotel,. if you have any knowledge and can help me implament some of them. i will reward you with a subscription here @ devbest. and...
  4. Flukey

    PLUS EMU, Micro DB? Forced Enable For New/Old Users

    Hello guys and girls, #im wondering if there is a way to put a mass enable on for all users. so like when they register and load into the client they'll have an enable automatically above there head? So like when they register, or the load into a client they'll have a automatic enable...
  5. Flukey


    Are you stil having the same error? when you checked what JMG said? Also check you have MYSQL Strict Mode off.
  6. Flukey

    Hello o/

    Hello o/
  7. Flukey

    oh wow right now i see were youve been.

    oh wow right now i see were youve been.
  8. Flukey

    Plus EMU R2

    Hey guys anyone have any ideas whats up with my navigator. it worked then all of a sudden started doing this?? do anyone know how to fix this issue? i only noticed it just now. thanks in advance 1550310214 Please close this thread issue resolved. sorry.
  9. Flukey

    PLUS Emu R2 Commands?

    Hello Guys & Girls. Looking for someone to help me code 2 commands into my emu! :hidewired :Closedice and some other decent commands if anyone has any. thank you in advance.
  10. Flukey

    Habbo Client Radio

    Yes i still need help,. 1550365418 Anyone able to help?
  11. Flukey

    Habbo Client Radio

    Hello, Can someone assist me on adding a radio into my client? i have tried so many times. and it just dosent want to work for me eaither one of these will do: or even just the upbeat radio but playing my station that i have.. thank you...
  12. Flukey

    Hallo o/

    Hallo o/
  13. Flukey

    PLUS EMU / Database Needed SQL Code

    Thank you sir.
  14. Flukey

    PLUS EMU / Database Needed SQL Code

    Ahh but there is another way it was something like SECLECT catalogue_pages FURNITURE something like that
  15. Flukey

    PLUS EMU / Database Needed SQL Code

    Hi do anyone ahve the SQL Code to select a catalog page and to pull up the page with all the furni thats in that page? been looking everywhere my mate sent me it before but he hasn't replied to any of my messages. Thanks
  16. Flukey

    Plus Emu R2 Help tthanks.

    Hello guys im working on the public navigator. i have the categorize public room how would i add another One Like Game Corner ect ect?
  17. Flukey

    Plus EMU R2

    Such a legend much respect.. he solved my issue!
  18. Flukey

    (plus) Custom Power Ranger Statues

    Links Dead @JMG
  19. Flukey

    (Plus)(re-release) Apple Furni

    This is scuffed just downloads a image named apple @JMG