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  1. Hobba

    MyCoke/CokeMusic/CokeStudios - FULL SOURCE RELEASE

    Hi guys, I thought it would be a good idea to share here the files that I've come across that are VERY HARD TO FIND! I don't know if there's any older folks here who played, but CokeStudios was a game made by Sulake similar to Habbo Hotel that was ran by Coca-Cola. I have decided to release all...
  2. Hobba

    Need a dev?

    Hi, yes contact me on discord: Tradecoincash
  3. Hobba

    Need a dev?

    Hello, sorry have updated my username! Lmk if you still need help
  4. Hobba

    Need a dev?

    Hi! I'm a Senior Developer and I have been working with habbo retros for nearly 15 years now. I am able to help you with any issues you may have on your hotel. I provide setups, support, tutorials, you name it! I am able to answer any questions about the client or CMS. If you need help reach out...
  5. Hobba

    If you still need help contact me on discord zeusceo

    If you still need help contact me on discord zeusceo
  6. Hobba

    Recruiting Hiring Hotel Staff

    It's 2024! A new year for a brand new hotel, join us on our adventure at Hobba! We are a new habbo hotel retro seeking staff for the following positions: Moderators - Moderators are needed on the hotel to provide a safe environment, respond to help calls, player issues, scam reports, etc. Room...