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  1. Andot

    Jarvis Plugin stopped working

    Yes finally, that was it. Thank you!!
  2. Andot

    Jarvis Plugin stopped working

    Still looking for fix.
  3. Andot

    Jarvis Plugin stopped working

    All users are using normal usernames, when someone does anything that triggers Jarvis, that shows up in the emulator
  4. Andot

    Jarvis Plugin stopped working

    So I'm using Jarvis with my hotel, everything was working fine, until some days ago. Logs no longer appear on Discord. It only appears when users enter the hotel, but that's it (which is curious). Here's what I've tried so far: Reinstalling the plugin. Re-creating the Discord channels...
  5. Andot

    HabboCMS for Arcturus ( Nitro )

    This brings me back to my 2010's era
  6. Andot

    Clothing pack of autor: xlRaiko LAST UPDATE: 15-12-22 you're welcome
  7. Andot

    Anyone this CMS?

    Actually looks like a mixture of Cosmic and Brain, interesting...
  8. Andot

    Recruiting Recruiting Staff for Spanish upcoming hotel

    Hello Devbest. As you read, we have an upcoming Habbo Retro coming soon (maybe the next week we'll open it publicly). We've got everything set up, it's 100% working. The Hotel is in HTML5 and Flash, also with his own desktop app. We're looking for: Managers Administrators (also Rank managers)...
  9. Andot

    habbo staff badge above head enable/effect

    Use a program like JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler and then export the frames and edit it, then import them back and done. If you're using Arcturus or any other HTML5 Emulator you'll need to use the converter.