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  1. Josel


    hello, good day, retro community, a while ago I launched the rares catalog for your retro client, I have made some improvements from the interface as in code, I hope you like it and enjoy it for your retro. Excuse my English a little, my natural language is Spanish. In the improvements, I did...
  2. Josel

    Rare price catalog for your client (update)

    If I'm running version 2 1684875045 No, you can put it in any cms
  3. Josel

    Rare price catalog for your client (update)

    Thanks bro I'll take it into account 1684798020 Because people are really interested in this I will be making the V2 catalog, if you have some suggestions much better. Update V2.
  4. Josel

    Rare price catalog for your client (update)

    I'm glad it's useful for your retro :D
  5. Josel

    [INDEX] HabboAir Mobile HTML

    Hello everyone! Nitro has grown a lot and works perfectly on mobile devices or tablets, so I decided to code the index very identical to HabboAir. This is the original index which I base. And this is the index that I made in html. I did it in html so that it can be attached to any cms...
  6. Josel

    Rare price catalog for your client (update)

    Hello everyone! In retros it is essential to have an economy, therefore knowing the prices of each of the rares is essential, so I coded a price catalog of rares, I hope you enjoy it a lot for your retros! Remember that you can implement it in any cms, you can use the base code and modify it to...
  7. Josel

    [Arcturus emulator] BattlePass rewards PHP for levelsystem

    Hello everyone! nice to the community, I was a bit bored so I programmed something for the arpy levelsystem plugin, I hope you like this contribution. Here I leave you some images. Download: Installation: 1. First put the client folder in the root of your CMS. 2. Then go to client and...