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    Archangel: A New Era of Role-Playing

    good luck with this!
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    Dark-UI - RETROLABS - Open Source

    Have PM'd you on discord hope you don't mind.
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    Thanks for this release! :) Will be sure to try it out.
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    Nitro Client images missing.

    Thank you, I found the widgets section removed it but it changed nothing - I'll dig into it a bit more later and hopefully will manage to get to the bottom of it lol.
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    Nitro Client images missing.

    Thank you, if I wanted to remove it all do I replace this section where it says "true" to false? "hotelview": { "show.avatar": true,
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    Nitro Client images missing.

    Hi wondered if anyone can help me understand how to remove these texts or to add the images that are meant to be around the text? thank you
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    myBoBBa Catalog- Official Release

    Thank you for this!
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    What are you listening to now?
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    Client Issue

    Hi guys wondered if anyone would know why my client is displaying the error Configuration Failed it doesn't even attempt to load just has the duck sitting on the loading screen with this error below. Thanks
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    myBoBBa Catalog- Official Release

    Thank you for releasing this and for the time you put into it, I was also a victim to Nath who took £40 from me and promised to install a clean catalogue but decided to delete all files for my retro.
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    Catalog & Theme

    Thank you both, I understand that people probably won't give me a fully working catalogue without paying, but I am willing to pay either way :)
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    Catalog & Theme

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking for someone to make a theme for a retro I am currently in the progress of and wanted to know if anyone has a fully working catalog in English? Will pay if needs be. Thanks.
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    Recruiting staff.

    Hi all, I have currently made a new Habbo Retro using the Newest Up-To-Date Nitro and currently looking for staff to help run the place! We are currently hiring ☆ 1 Admin ☆ 2 Mods If you are interseted please get in contact with me via discord. SN1FFHE4D#0795 Thank you.