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  1. Kieron

    [Nitro Release] Mini Furniture Pack w/ Fixed Interactions

    You're just too good 😍
  2. Kieron

    Central Terrace

  3. Kieron

    [Release] HC Gifts 2023 Furniture Pack w/ Fixed Interactions

    You really do keep the community alive, thank you <3
  4. Kieron

    Fancy Customs 1

  5. Kieron

    Recruiting Looking for someone experienced with Nitro (habbo Dev)

    Hello, I am looking for someone experienced with Nitro to help me with some small developing jobs for my retro, I am willing to pay. Mainly looking for someone to help add furniture and customs. Discord is: Phoenix#6600 Hope somebody is able to assist me 😎 Thank you.
  6. Kieron

    Looking for a logo

  7. Kieron

    Looking for a logo

    This is the one mate 1641908423 Thread can be closed :)
  8. Kieron

    Looking for a logo

    Would really appreciate that. Not got any preference :) do you want to PM so you can add my discord?
  9. Kieron

    Looking for a logo

    Looking for a modern logo for my hotel, Marvel Not looking for anything related to the comics - willing to offer a rank in return or possibly future payments. Would really appreciate it. Thank you
  10. Kieron

    Upcoming Retro

    We had some concepts of Marvel when we were open previously... That isn't the approach we want to take. It's just a name, that means something to us that have been involved for the last six years. We're taking a new direction :) 1637604284 What stands out... Is our users who are still with us...
  11. Kieron

    Upcoming Retro

    @TheGeneral The hotel isn't public yet - will be sometime this weekend. Wanting those who are interested to reach out to me via Discord. That banner is also, from when the hotel was previously open.
  12. Kieron

    Upcoming Retro

    Hello, Although, I see that the retro community has become somewhat "dry" but I am looking for a management team for my upcoming retro - we are hoping to go public next week. I am looking for someone to take the reigns, when I am unable to due to my busy lifestyle. If you are interested please...
  13. Kieron

    Clothes, not loading?

    Hi, It's very rare I post threads for some support but this has been an ongoing situation which has been bugging me. For some reason a lot of the clothes won't load on my hotel, and I can't figure out why? I have Visions SWFS, if that helps?
  14. Kieron

    Flash Marvel Hotel

    I doubt that was me.
  15. Kieron

    Flash [R63] Marvel Hotel - Join today!

    The whole point of the theme is that it's plain, it was downloaded as a clean edit and will remain the same; there are few edits such as colours, tabs, pages but I do not think that this needs major 'editing'. There are regular updates to the Hotel as It states above, and maybe more could be...
  16. Kieron

    Flash [R63] Marvel Hotel - Join today!

    Looking for a new place to be this Christmas? Your preys have been answered. Join us this Christmas while we celebrate our one year anniversary. Information - Marvel Hotel has a nice site design along with daily updates in-client, Marvel Hotel has an updated catalog containing the Latest...
  17. Kieron

    [Release] Habbo's new Maintenance Page

    Link broken? Please re-upload.
  18. Kieron

    [Release] 500 Effects

    Link has broken? Please upload a new download link or does anyone have a mirror?
  19. Kieron

    Does anyone have a clean Gold Tree Emu Database I could use?

    Go to google, and type in GTE 3.0 SQL and download it and then import it to your database. If you download this, The SQL will be within the files.