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  1. Sullivan

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to

    You'd still have to utilize AngularJS for the front end. The ng functions crucial for Habbo's CMS functionality are specific to AngularJS and didn't transition to its successor when AngularJS was phased out. I spent a good amount of time trying to reconstruct the functions in JS for a clone of...
  2. Sullivan

    Problem with emulator

    Rename the field from "cost_happiness" to "cost_happyness" in your "pet_commands_data" table. It will fix your issue.
  3. Sullivan

    Atom CMS Paypal Issue Join the discord and tell the creator himself about the issue.
  4. Sullivan

    Habbo Catalog Generator (Arcturus Morningstar)

    ♛ Habbo Catalog Generator ♛ The Habbo Catalog Generator automates catalog creation for Arcturus Morningstar. These scripts offer options to generate the entire catalog or specific components like clothing, items, walls, and pages. The scripts provide instant generation of queries and is...