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  1. Tayy

    Developer Needed

    Can u Contact Me OfF Discord
  2. Tayy

    Developer Needed

    I Need A Developer Who Mostly Works In The Cms Field Im Willing To Pay But I Need A Dedicated Person Willing To Code One Of The Best Projects Alive.This Project Was Established In 2022 And Brought Into Reality This Year,We Are A Ongoing Project Thats Ready To Takeover The RetroVerse Willing To...
  3. Tayy

    Looking For Staff On A Project

    add me on discord we can discuss things my tag should be in my bio
  4. Tayy

    Looking For Staff On A Project

    Hello DevBest Community I'm Looking For A Dedicated Co-Owner For A Hotel I Will Also Be Looking For An Admin That Can Atleast Code Simple Functions And Can Help With Development.This Is A Project Im Looking For Atleast A Team Of 3 Can Do There Will Be A Period Of Time Before Everything Will Be...
  5. Tayy

    New Habbo Hotel

    I Just Added u The Name Is Kemba If U Get The Request It Was From Me.
  6. Tayy

    VPS Host?

    Does Anyone Know A Reliable Hosting Site I Want To Get A VPS Of From Im Looking For Something In the Range Of 0-30$ a Month If U Can Find Just HMU On This Thread
  7. Tayy

    HylibCMS - ReactJS

    This Is A Nice Cms How Long Did It Take To Make This if u Don't Mind Me Asking
  8. Tayy

    How to set up a retro in 2023 (IIS) (Nitro HTML5) - (Part 3)

    Do Anyone Think This Works Rn?
  9. Tayy

    New Habbo Hotel

    I Will Be Looking For Software Developers And CSS Coders For This Hotel I WIll Also Need Another Founder.This Project Is To BE Launched One Month From Today I Expect This Project To Have A Beta And Be Published After We Know Everything Is Right.I Will Not Be Looking For Inactive People I Need...
  10. Tayy

    Wanna Make A Retro Together?

    Wanna Make A Retro Together?
  11. Tayy


    you will have to use a older version of php the version your using isn't back to the old version day
  12. Tayy

    [HELP REQUEST] I Need R63 Roleplay Files [CMS,EMU,SWF,DB]

    Rps dont come like anymore i doubt u can find files like that u will need a good dev that can customize stuff like that its rare to find stuff like that
  13. Tayy

    [PLUSEmu] HELP!

    Retro files dont work but u can defiently look up what u messed up on the forums and if u cant find u can go to the discord if u have one and someone can help.
  14. Tayy

    New Habbo Retro

    Co owner would have to split bills with u to be co
  15. Tayy

    need help setting vps up

    I can properly setup your retro if I can get Co owner or admin my discord is Tayy#2407
  16. Tayy

    [HELP] Client Errors [PlusEmu]

    He said that it wasn’t that it must be a different error through the cms
  17. Tayy

    Flash bobbaWorld - A World of Possibility!

    Nice Wired Skills actually could be used on coming new retros
  18. Tayy

    Anyone Wanna Co-Own An RP

    Hello Everyone im A Dedicated Retro Lover and want to make my own i already have a vps the rp will just need a proxy and a domain which is cheap about 10 dollars but i will be paying almost 50$ a month From my card.Im looking for a dedicated co owner because i also believe that the rp dont just...
  19. Tayy

    Request Need A Banner And A Logo

    Low i cant pm u do u have discord if so dm me it i cant send messages unless u do.