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    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to

    The way you're formatting your replies and the inability to take constructive criticism from the community that you're advertising to is the exact reason i wouldn't place my trust in having any sort of information listed on the hotel you're advertising. Please don't take it personal, as you have...
  2. smg

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to

    Well, based off of the entirety of this post - This won't be going anywhere and I wouldn't trust it - goodluck with it.
  3. smg - We're back! - 60+ online - Join Today!

    Great hotel, definitely worth checking out.
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    prjEuclid [C#, V1, MySQL/ORM]

    i love this, goodluck with development
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    Giving out $1 subs to whoever replies

    that's nice of you, could i get pink?
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    Is it normal for RDC to be laggy?

    the server i just had was based in the UK with great specs and was laggy for me due to my ping to the server. ping is a factor, not just specs.
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    Is it normal for RDC to be laggy?

    that would probably be why
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    PlayHabbo - Old School inspired - HTML 5

    Santa is coming to Habbo! Login December 23rd at 1 PM EST to receive 2500 Habbo Credits Login December 24th at 1 PM EST to receive 1 Habbo Infobus (rare) Login December 25th at 1 PM EST to receive 1 Habbo Throne You may only claim one gift per IP. anyone found using a VPN to claim multiple...
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    PlayHabbo - Old School inspired - HTML 5

    What is PlayHabbo? We are an Old-School HTML5 Retro that strives to maintain a professional image, from our unique original CMS to our client we have much to offer. Our promise to you is close to no lag in-game and many events being hosted in and out of the client. We prefer to have a community...
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    Recruiting Recruiting Staffs - 2 Servers

    Wasn't PastHabbo open & the owner didnt have time for it anymore?
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    Database Command Query

    update items set extradata = '' WHERE extradata = '' would work
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    web.config to .htaccess

    RewriteRule ^(|/)$ index.php?url=$1 RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)(|/)$ index.php?url=$1 RewriteRule ^(.*)\.htm$ $1.php RewriteRule ^(|/)$ dash.php?page=$1 RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)(|/)$ dash.php?url=$1 RewriteRule ^home/([^/]+) index.php?url=home&user=$1 RewriteRule...
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    Request Staff Badges

    to copy fresh lol
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    Flash Mega Hotel - Arcturus MS - Hiring - Stable VPS

    looks basic, just like every other new hotel that opens. that said, gl
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    Flash Cabbo Hotel | The Reboot

    Copying Fresh's "Recent Happenings" and it's old staff page is very cringe, won't last long. gl
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    Client (Black screen) v26!