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  1. TheBello

    Kubbo is Hiring! 100+ Users Daily.

    Kubbo went Vanilla we're using Default Arcturus with default everything. WHY? We want our potential DEVS to feel comfortable in a non-edited environment so you would have the organization for a perfect hands-on project. We're looking for talented, experienced Habbo Devs. Wireds maker Nitro...
  2. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    Plenty of ppl got it running.
  3. TheBello

    Looking for a Bored Habbo <DEV>

  4. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    use the clean one... 1692036030 if u dont know how to upload a big database
  5. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    If u at least post the error someone would probably help you
  6. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    I don't care of what ya'll say tbh. if you say you know me so much show proof or something everyone with a keyboard can say anything. I don't even know ya'll lol. Post something i've done to ya'll not my past devs or team members because I'm NOT them. Noone of ya'll would've dare to post...
  7. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    Hello Habbo enthusiasts! A couple of years ago, I invested $2k in a comprehensive Habbo Roleplay pack. Today, I've made the decision to share it with the community at absolutely no cost. Why am I releasing this pack now? The Habbo Roleplay community has seen quieter days, and my personal...
  8. TheBello

    Experienced Habbo DEV Needed for 300+ Online Retro

    Hi guys, i own a Habbo Retro server some of you might be familiar with such game it was a big game back in 2008-2014. My server has 300+ users daily. 98% Spanish but we have a fully bilingual system with real-time translations. Looking for a senior Habbo DEV, someone that been in the community...