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  1. PenguinAss

    Recruiting Looking For Habbo Roleplay Developer

    Are you still looking? If so drop me your discord
  2. PenguinAss

    500 internal server error

    Check if there web.config inside ur wwwroot file
  3. PenguinAss

    Emu speed

    Change your Hotel SWF to 60 FPS. Heres the link Hope this help :)
  4. PenguinAss

    create command?

    Open your emulator solution with Visual Studio. After that look for a file called HabboHotel > Room > Chat > Commands.
  5. PenguinAss

    PLUS EMU R2 : Wired Leaderboard

    Hello, i implanted the wired scorebord from @Parsov Plus Emu Release. Theres no error in the emulator but it kept d/c me. Anyone know whats the problem? :/
  6. PenguinAss

    Plus Emulation Server Edited

    Can you help me with the wired scorebord? i added to r2 and its d/c me. ;/
  7. PenguinAss

    Plus Emu R2 Clothing Catalog

    Thanks, and can i ask another question im using ur latest cata but some of the furni not showing mind if you tell me where i can fix it?
  8. PenguinAss

    Plus Emu R2 Clothing Catalog

    The clothes when i added its not there in the cata?
  9. PenguinAss

    Plus Emu R2 Clothing Catalog

    Yeah i tried but somehow it didnt work
  10. PenguinAss

    Plus Emu R2 Clothing Catalog

    Hello anyone here know how to put clothing at catalog Plus Emu R2? If you do please teach me. Thankyou!
  11. PenguinAss

    Looking for a developer ASAP

    hmu if you still need it
  12. PenguinAss

    Room bugs

    Hello, any know how to fix room bugs? when i enter the room it just come out with blackscreen, no error in emulator pls help
  13. PenguinAss

    Notifications Name

    Anyone here know how to this "Message from habbo hotel" to "Message from (my hotel name)
  14. PenguinAss

    [Release/Continued] VisionR4 (Emu - CMS - SWF) [Release]

    link not working anymore
  15. PenguinAss

    Retro Hotel Owners BEWARE

  16. PenguinAss

    Retro Hotel Owners BEWARE

    So he claim that he own bebborp? i mean the fook is bebborp tho never heard of that