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  1. Qurance

    HabboCMS for Arcturus ( Nitro )

    Goodluck, if you need some help to get Nitro work you can DM me.
  2. Qurance

    Arcturus Morningstar Catalogue

    Same issue here!
  3. Qurance

    How to get Habbos web build for my client?

    Flash died
  4. Qurance

    Help with Localhost!

    If it is RevCMS, it is outdated and still not compitable with Nitro until you will do this by yourself.
  5. Qurance

    [DEV] ImperialCMS V1

    Hello Guys, At the moment am I very active with developing a new content management system in combination with the Nitro V2 with a own custom UI. What do I use for this project? CakePHP CSS / HTML / JS OOP NodeJS MySQL Java VueJS / PixieJS Multi Language System Development team Only me...
  6. Qurance

    Help with Localhost!

    Which CMS?