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  1. Jo$h

    Sports DevBest Fantasy BasketBall League

    That's because this is an old, dead thread. Could a moderator please close this?
  2. Jo$h

    Nobody cares anymore?

    Now, I've said this numerous times, I have always felt as though charging for Phoenix was wrong. However, as Rasta has noted, the people who develop emulators - they've grown up - Habbo isn't fun for them anymore and they have bills to pay, real responsibilities. Charging for their work is...
  3. Jo$h

    GTA V Is This GTA V Wait TOO Long?

    A Publicity Stunt is not what they're after. GTA V is the most anticipated game of 2012 and 2013 according to Game Informer, Rockstar had no reason to create suspense for a game that everyone was already excited about. It was merely to fix the problems that have occurred during development of...
  4. Jo$h

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
  5. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    My point has been made, I'm done replying. Thank you.
  6. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    The point is, Habbo is carried with the DevBest name, that's what it was founded on, and that has been one of the only things that hasn't changed. If we change the Domain and Name, then Habbo can't carry with us or it will again overtake our forums. What I'm trying to say is that, if we keep...
  7. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    No, I understand what's going to happen. I just think that if we make the move, we will have to remove the Habbo section or we shouldn't make the move at all.
  8. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    My belief is we've been applying that strategy, they still haven't found other interests, even with the shoutbox habbo ban.
  9. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    As I said, the majority of those in charge and veteran community members want Habbo gone, we've grown out of that stage. Push those Habbotards off to somewhere accepting, make a deal with OS or RZ that they get all your Habbo members. If Rasta or any staff isn't willing to give up Habbo, then...
  10. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    No, if we are making this move, we need to get rid of Habbo. The fact is - if we aren't prepared to rid the forum of Habbo, then we aren't prepared to make a move to gamersbug.
  11. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    I feel ya there, but My idea is simple: if we do make this change, we should remove Habbo from our sections. It wouldn't be a true change unless we did. Unless we get Habbo out of our Blood, we will always be attached to TheHabbos and the current name.
  12. Jo$h

    Gamersbug or?

    Leave the domain. DevBest has been a part of my life since I've joined and I can't fathom it being any different. Keep the domain, but make the main focus gaming. EDIT: After reading through some of the comments, I've changed my mind a bit. The main focus should be gaming, but I would like to...
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    Introduction Hey

    Hey there! Welcome to DevBest!
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    Singing Submissions (Christmas Competition 2012)

    I'm already fucked... But here we go:
  15. Jo$h

    Hosting as Username

    Well, your signature is one thing, but having your account for the sole purpose of advertising is another. I think that you should be allowed to put a hosting banner in your signature if you want, as long as you also contribute to the forums -- meaning that you aren't just here to advertise.
  16. Jo$h

    Hosting as Username

    Well, I think that users should be allowed to put a hosting banner in their signature if they wish to, that makes sense. However, if your account was originally registered for the specific purpose of Advertising your hosting company, than you should be required to change it or get banned.
  17. Jo$h

    Which charity should we donate to this year? (2012)

    I'm voting again for the Kiwanis, another Children's organization.
  18. Jo$h

    Minimum Post Count

    Most of the time, you can just remind the habbotards not to talk about Habbo in the shoutbox and they stop. Instead of assuming that new members are spammers or habbotards, let's assume they are good people, and let their actions decide their fate.
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    What are you listening to now?

    Blast from the Past
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    Show DevBest [REL] Codzter - V1 Webbrowser

    Does it have Flash functionality?