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    Problems with WebSocket - Plus Emulator

    Hello, I'm having some problems on my WebSocket, could someone help me solve this? The situation is as follows: The connection is usually made when the user enters the client, everything works, but when there is an internet oscillation of the person, the connection closes and is disconnected...
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    Error Plus Emulator [HELP]

    Hello. I'm using a modified hboom emulator, sometimes errors happen in the rooms and all users go to the home screen, the room hangs, can someone help me, or explain why this happens? [LOGS] exceptions.txt: RoomID [2] is currently having problems with the status of room users...
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    Soccer.cs help

    Does anyone help me solve the ball problem? He stomps on the ball. Print: url:
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    Group chats

    Hello, I have a goal, I'm setting up a RP in the Brazilian language, and then I would like to add the Chat Groups but I do not understand the server packets, I already tried to add sometime they did not appear anyone could help me?...
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    Help me fix the ball.

    Please help me fix the soccer ball in an RP emulator? Try to press on it it does not respond and going up on the other does not leave the place either!
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    [HELP] Build error C+ Plus Emulator

    I have a plus original emulator, but when I try to do it with Build My translated commands happens some errors as -> 1>C:\Users\Administrador\Desktop\PlusEMU\Communication\Encryption\KeyExchange\DiffieHellman.cs(32,48,32,58): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'BigInteger' could not be...
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    Request Logo Hotelview

    Title pretty much says it all, I wanna change my clients hotel view from boon to Hubbly. I'm not sure how to get it at that angle.