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    Grand Hotel - Grand opening of a new fantastic Retro Hotel

    Wonder what happend with all the advanced feature's from there old CMS, instead its just plain now l0l good luck though, best of wishes! i like when i can tell you told you so frenk :')
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    [HTML5] the place to be! [HIRING]

    I can undestand you're critisism. The system behind it is from scratch though, and let's be real. Ironhotel header is just the bootstrap size, it's litterly the bootstrap CSS. So i don't feel like why i have to credit them for that, since it is already implemented in bootstrap and all they did...
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    Hey, i was wondering if i was able to get the cms from since the link is dead. Add me...

    Hey, i was wondering if i was able to get the cms from since the link is dead. Add me on discord? dev#8282
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    Looking to start a roleplay

    D3V-NL#8282 <- I can develop website's, can script a hell load of things. Busy with my own project "GrandCF" right now, would love to work with you.
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    GrandCF - SynCF

    My discord is dev#8282 <!--- 2FA Page ---> <cfif pagename is 'grand_2fa'> <cfset Mainbox.2fa_header = '#shortname# :: 2FA Lock'> <cfset Mainbox.2fa_label1 = '2FA Password'> <cfset Mainbox.2fa_button = 'Unlock'> <cfset Mainbox.2fa_header_1 = '2FA Authentication is enabled'> <cfset...
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    GrandCF - SynCF

    Well, i finished the Award-System. It works good, you can't cheat, all the extra's are given within completion. It only checks on the me page, to reduce load. gonna make a variable to let it load on all pages, but its better to have it turned off Today or tomorrow im gonna go continue the...
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    GrandCF - SynCF

    Yeah, here are some new screens: - Marketplace Values interface - Sell badges interface (Only badge's that are in the Values page are sellable) - Sell badges - Ads...
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    GrandCF - SynCF

    Yeah, well, a version of this is gonna get released to the public. One new screen: Upcoming marketplace
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    GrandCF - SynCF

    Yes, i used zabbo for my base template. Well, i only kept there footer though. The header is from some turkish hotel, the menu is from a Dutch hotel. Good eye catch though! I think there are atleast 14 website's right now that i ripped from, l0l @Liam Please re-open my thread, im planning on...
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    GrandCF - SynCF

    Forgive me for my english, english is not my native language. Let me start with this This template is a mix of a lot of styles, from habbo retro's to habbo fansite's from all around the globe. If you see youre work there, thanks and kudos to you. Why coldfusion? Everbody has there language's...
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    Anyone this CMS?

    im doing the same now l0l