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  1. Ceylan

    Need help for clothing !

    Hey Fam, Me and my friends need someone who's able to add clothes for us. We've been searching for someone for a long time now and decided to ask here again, but first of all: It's a one-time Job You'll get paid We need our clothes greatly updated Our Retro is running on Arcturus Would be...
  2. Ceylan

    Thank you so much! 💓

    Thank you so much! 💓
  3. Ceylan

    Small custom release

    it looks amazing, ure talented! Is it possible to have it?
  4. Ceylan

    Small custom release

    Hii, may i ask from where u got the hair?
  5. Ceylan

    I need help from a developer

    Hi everyone! So my friends and i need help with adding cloth and furnis, we were trying things out but nothing seems to work, so we decided to ask for help on this page. We also tried following tutorials but they dont work for us (we failed and arent used to dev stuff) so if there's anyone...