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  1. SageSaga

    Flash Ace Hotel - Official, New Era.

    Well I made it clear that I wasn't the one whom installed the CMS, was told that it wasn't and I simply referred it to you. You made no haste in insisting that it was simply just joaowars's tutorial which did not even matter as I was interested more in the partnership due to my time in the...
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    Sure, what's your discord?

    Sure, what's your discord?
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    Flash Ace Hotel - Official, New Era.

    Ace Hotel, a modern and advanced Habbo Retro with a classical vanilla retro economy and traditional moderation system! At Ace Hotel, just a humble team of young owners looking to build a healthy and realistic community that will uphold and keep the hotel going all day long! The hotel is running...
  4. SageSaga

    Yo what's your discord?

    Yo what's your discord?
  5. SageSaga

    I've enabled requests, my discord is: SageSaga#0369 You have probably like 24 hours before I...

    I've enabled requests, my discord is: SageSaga#0369 You have probably like 24 hours before I turn it off again cause there are other irritating people.
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    Doesn't work.

    Doesn't work.
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  8. SageSaga

    Just letting you know I'm telling Boris about this

    Just letting you know I'm telling Boris about this
  9. SageSaga

    problem with arcturus catalog

    Make sure you've got catalog_clothing sorted as well
  10. SageSaga

    [Release] BubbleJuice Furniture including Fixed Interactions

    Looks like a official set of furni by line, great job.
  11. SageSaga

    [WARNING] To all Hotel Owners , and starting Owners

    Add me on Discord: SageSaga#8969 I'll see what I can do best for you.
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    Habbo Picnic Area

    Place the entering spawn tile in the middle of the room, or anywhere within the square radius to make it work.
  13. SageSaga

    Karma Line

    Good looking set, hope you'll do more from other countries, might even overtake the official ones.
  14. SageSaga

    [H] Brain CMS - Client/Staff Pin

    How to change staff pin etc: In database, under the users table, all the way at the end there should be a pin / pincode. Be aware that both Pin and pincode are for different purposes. Pin, is for housekeeping, pincode is for client. You can set different 4 digit pin codes for HK or client both...
  15. SageSaga

    How to create custom figuredata for new clothing? This will be your answer. Use your Hotel's gamedatas to match and it will do the rest for you. You just need to replace it with the ones they gave you. I highly doubt they do custom clothing but if so it will be a headache nevertheless.
  16. SageSaga

    Arcturus Database problem

    Just execute the latest SQL, no idea why you don't have essential tables which clearly won't be working if you don't have them.
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    I recommend you to head to Krews Marketplace to get these done instead. They have middlemans who will make sure / assure you that what you've paid for is what you'll get. Either much more or nothing less.
  18. SageSaga

    Need help :D

    There isn't just a tutorial on how to set up a Habbo Retro. You got to know the individual steps and find the tutorial for each steps.
  19. SageSaga

    Need help :D

    Which CMS are you looking at? Which Emulator are you looking at? Purchased domain yet? Configured IIS yet? Has everything been setted up? Are you using Flash or Nitro? If Flash, are you using Maxthon Nitro or a flash App? You barely gave any information and you want help to be given. Provide...
  20. SageSaga

    BrainCMS | Furni stack problem after reload room

    You should be using the updated Builder's Essential Plugin at: The one you used was probably a old one that isn't compatible with the few latest release of MS's build.