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  1. griimnak

    PC [Bukkit/Spigot] HardcorePlus plugin | Minecraft 1.14.1+

    A Minecraft 1.14.1+ Bukkit/Spigot Plugin Enhances the vanilla Minecraft hardcore experience by degrading players' max health on death. On death, users wake up from their nightmare. The only way to defeat the dream - visit the end. That is the original concept of the end, after all.. Once a...
  2. griimnak

    What should I do before I get old

    Hey so I'm in need of some opinions. I'm 20 years old now. Still unemployed, getting my license this April so maybe that'll help uncover some local driving jobs. But untill then, I feel like I'm wasting time. For those of you that are still 15,16,17 years old, make sure you use your time...
  3. griimnak

    Global snow particle extension for Chrome-based browsers

    OpenSnow This is a simple Chome-based extension that adds live snow particles to your browsing pages. Basically, an open source version of Snow found here. snowstorm.js by Usage - Extract the extension to...
  4. griimnak


    py-tts-script I think someone here would find use in this script This is a ~40 line Python script that returns text to speech. Works with Python2 & 3, and requires no pip modules. Tested on Windows and Linux, unfortunately I don't have a mac to test this on but I'm sure it should work like...
  5. griimnak

    [WIP] OpenPureTab - An open source extension for Chrome-based browsers that allows customization of the new-tab page.

    OpenPureTab 1.0 OpenPureTab is an extension for Chrome-based browsers that replaces the default new-tab page with a free and open sourced one, with tons of customization. I started this project because I wanted to add some aesthetics to my new tab page without compromising my privacy or...
  6. griimnak

    Could i improve this JS Loader?

    Sup, i have a pure javascript loader to load pages in without refreshing the page: /* JS Loader */ window.onload = function() { var load = function(e) { // prevent browser to load link event.preventDefault(); // exit if target is undefined...
  7. griimnak

    HP Webcam undetected on Arch Liunx

    I figured I should finally get around fixing this, i have an HP Folio 9470m that has had Arch installed forever but I never got around getting the webcam to work. Cheese claims there's no devices: It doesn't seem to me that lsusb or lspci is detecting it either: lsusb Bus 002 Device 003: ID...
  8. griimnak

    Post your wrk results

    I wanted to know what are some average numbers you guys get on frameworks / backend sites you've written. Any language, any framework, using wrk and these settings: Tested framework / backend must have a mysql connection, must use a config file, must be in live production real world scenario...
  9. griimnak

    Is my microSD really bricked?

    Alright so, I have a 32gb sandisk microSD that was formatted for use with the raspberry pi. One night I did a sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, let it run and left on all night by accident. The next morning, the pi wouldn't boot and my windows pc would reject the card and freeze my explorer...
  10. griimnak

    Customize Sublime Text with 320+ themes and custom fonts

    Below i'll demonstrate how you can fully customize Sublime Text by only using one package from github with your own fonts. Installing 320+ themes How to use custom fonts in Sublime Text Installing 320+ themes Rainglow is a collection of color themes for a number of different editors and...
  11. griimnak

    How big is your music library?

    Is it still cool to have a local music library? I always download a song i like, incase it gets taken down youtube. Since alot of the music I like is rare underground.. I have 403 songs at 2.42GB space. What about you? post below.
  12. griimnak

    os / sys equivalent in nodejs?

    Essentially what i'm trying to do is clear the console after executing the app so it's nice and clean like i would with my python consoles: in python, there's the os and sys module to communicate directly with your operating system, or emulate commands from your os etc etc. how would i do this...
  13. griimnak

    The United States of America in the 1970s

    I just had to share this :( "Color footage of America in the late 1970s. It shows the cities of; - New York City - San Francisco - Chicago - Los Angeles -Toronto (Canada)"
  14. griimnak

    [Art request] Pokemon battle grounds

    Hi, i'm currently starting a new pokemon socketio project and i'm in need of some simple art. I will be using 2d sprites like above, that's all sorted already but what i need is a nice background to put them on that's atleast 600px wide and maybe 300px high? eh, or whatever really. Here's...
  15. griimnak

    [PY 3.6+] Trinity-py - A flask based CMS for Python 3.6+

    View the origin of this project's development: here. Objective of Trinity 3 The objective of Trinity 3 is to completely annihilate its predecessor, Trinity, in both performance and code practice. Simply said, Trinity 3 aims to offer a completely automated way of setting up a live mysql...
  16. griimnak

    Automated third party module installer for python

    Updated code is over at: github Wrote a neat little script that installs missing modules automatically through pip, using python's default os module. This is great if you plan on releasing a python project but can't be bothered to use cx_freeze etc to pack third party modules along with your...
  17. griimnak

    AMD Fanboys:

    It all started when some guy said an xeon will perform better than his poopy 32nm FX This is where i realized this guy may be mental: Lmfao scrapyard wars, this guy is either an extreme troll or super pissed off.
  18. griimnak

    How to run linux gui applications in Windows 10 bash

    By default if you try to run a linux gui application in Windows 10's new bash feature, you'll get a "cannot open display error". That is because you have no active x server. Xming for Windows xming is an x server for windows which will load gui applications from the bash shell. Once you've...
  19. griimnak

    Has this ever happened to you guys?

    Been downloading illegal shit all my life and not once did i receive a copyright notice; xfinity claims that this system has been in effect since 2013 however. Lol has this ever happened to you?
  20. griimnak

    wow i bet u wish u had her

    the weather is back to being cool. really cool.