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  1. Yoshi

    Machine banned fortnite.

    I know so retarded, I took one out it worked. so I tried putting the otherone back but put them in different slots it didn't work, so by the looks of it just one ram stick is blocked :/ so strange but yeah GG epicgames
  2. Yoshi

    Machine banned fortnite.

    It's so fucking stupid. I had gta injector running in the background and they detected it and banned me :down: ************UPDATE********* REMOVED ONE RAM AND THE GAME WORKED. must of banned one on my ram serial numbers.
  3. Yoshi

    Machine banned fortnite.

    Well, it is really strange. so far I've. Reinstalled my OS Changed my MAC id via a programme Deleted Epic games store data using regedit Tried using a brand new account Using my mobile hotspot. and also I changed my HDD number using a spoofer. I read online that removing your RAM and moving it...
  4. Yoshi

    Machine banned fortnite.

    So far I've tried reinstalling my OS and playing on my mobile hotspot so its a different ip address and played with a fresh account and i'm still banned when jumping out of battle bus
  5. Yoshi

    Machine banned fortnite.

    Can anyone help me solve my issue, I got machine banned on fortnite. Can't be IP as I can play on ps4. I've reset my OS and used a tool to change my MAC ip address and tried the game [on a fresh account] and still getting the error message. £10 up for grabs for whoever helps.
  6. Yoshi

    I’ve just ordered this setup, is this any good?

    Just gaming bro, it did have i5 professor but I paid extra to upgrade to i7 7700k. Also it had 8gb ram paid extra to upgrade to 16gb. I didn’t see no point in the gtx 160 6gb as it doesn’t make much more difference to the 3gb version in comparison
  7. Yoshi

    I’ve just ordered this setup, is this any good?

    BLACKFIRE CURSE BUNDLE SKU: 600201 1 £1,114.80 Internet Security 1 x FREE - BullGuard Internet Security 100Mb, 3 Users, 1 Year PC Cases 1 x Fierce Rift Gaming Case - Black/RGB LED Lighting 1 x No LED Lighting Additional Fans 1 x No Additional Fans Processor...
  8. Yoshi

    [REL] Smooth Dragons.

    just rip dem from annuvvaaa retro
  9. Yoshi


    i've fixed the value it gives, but now when you exchange the diamond currency it changes to duckets to the same amount as your diamonds?
  10. Yoshi


    Hello was wondering if someone could help me I’ve changed small ruby to DIAMONDS_1_ruby as I want it to redeem as 1 diamond and it’s redeeming at 75diamonds and -25 Duckets :/ so confused does anyone know why?
  11. Yoshi

    Ban From General Chat

    Serves you right Spammer of the month
  12. Yoshi


    hardly spamming, you said you added db which u didn't so add the bloodclart db
  13. Yoshi

    HabboEmulator ~ Support thread.

    When accepting or adding someone it says i've became friends with my self rather than the user which has been added
  14. Yoshi


    No sweat bro, do it when you feel better it'll be helpful for us all
  15. Yoshi


    If you can it’ll be helpful (Y)
  16. Yoshi


    Thanks for release, Please add more <3 it helps this thread!
  17. Yoshi

    I’ve got my fingers crossed

    I’ve got my fingers crossed
  18. Yoshi

    Username Liam

    I want a username which hasnt been used since 2011 and has no posts. all theyve done is change their status
  19. Yoshi

    Give me ur account fam

    Give me ur account fam
  20. Yoshi

    BoonValues Help

    I've downloaded the BoonValues but theres no DB. I've checked both threads on here and RIVALFORUM but both releases doesn't come with database Could someone release one it'll be much appreciated or create one functional for me.