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  1. Andings

    How Strong Is Your Computing Device? (NovaBench)

    Doesn't seem to report the same as it used to - gone down despite upgrading parts, lmao.
  2. Andings

    Anyone used/is using ChatGPT?

    I've used it to write social posts, but sometimes need to tweak the content so it's more "human". Otherwise, it's a convenient resource.
  3. Andings

    [Release] Smiley Furniture Pack w/ Fixed Interactions

    I love the decks and gaming consoles! They look nice, thanks for sharing!
  4. Andings

    Valentine's Day Love Dragon

    That is an awesome furni! I like it - thanks for the release!
  5. Andings

    post your speed test

    Incoming Australian Internet lmao.
  6. Andings

    What are you listening to now?

  7. Andings

    How Strong Is Your Computing Device? (NovaBench)

    This is a work laptop so not expecting excellent results.
  8. Andings

    Light OR Dark?

    I have started with Dark Mode and can't use an app without it, to be honest. I find light modes to be too bright on my eyes. Even Outlook on my work computer is in dark mode.
  9. Andings

    Howdy mate!

    Howdy mate!
  10. Andings

    That would be because I hardly post as not many discussions I am interested in, lol!

    That would be because I hardly post as not many discussions I am interested in, lol!
  11. Andings

    Am I?

    Am I?
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  13. Andings

    Looking for a vBulletin Skin Coder?

    Vouch for @Roper
  14. Andings

    .SE .NO .DK is closing!

    Three official Habbo Hotels are now closing for good -, and After a long battle against retros and a huge loss of users the three nordic hotels have been decided to get closed. Also: Habbo will delete all furniture and accounts, you wont be able to transfer anything...
  15. Andings

    What is your opinions on the iPhone 6/6+

    Yeah I have the 6+ and love it! :D
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    Okay so you're team might be able to stuff with cPanel / WHM, good work. My grandmother can do the same with no qualifications and clicking around and seeing what to do... One thing that's bugging me... why a .pw domain... why not .com, .net, .biz... why a Pacific Island Nation of Palau /...
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    Expose yourself!

    Pic from yesterday :P
  18. Andings

    Snapchat names

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    Retro Have habbo retros died? Old player..

    As this has been bumped I can reply, not sure about the rules of bumping - I better have a read. My opinion on Habbo as a whole, and retros is simple... People have grown out of it. I used to be a big Habbo Fanboy even played retros and owned a few retros myself, now I'm sitting here and...