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    Arcturus Emulator 2.0 - Project Sirius C# | Distributed, Multi Revision, Powerful API + MOAR

    I love threads like these, it's always interesting to see how a project advances and changes it goes through. Keep it up Wes :)
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    Plus emu and Nitro

    Keep an eye on it will be having Nitro support coming within the next few weeks that also supports multi revision!
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    Plus++ Emulator - Community Continuation of Plus Emulator

    The community project is 262 commits ahead of the master branch by Sledmore. Would be great to see others contributing! :)
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    Plus++ Emulator - Community Continuation of Plus Emulator

    Love a good community project and what a base to build off! Have contributed in the past to Plus and defiantly looking forward to contributing more! :)
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    5 funniest jokes get a $1 sub

    What does a developer wear to a party?
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    Arcturus Emulator 2.0 - Project Sirius C# | Distributed, Multi Revision, Powerful API + MOAR

    Exciting to have followed development, the progress and the work you’ve put into it is insane. Looking forward to seeing it released and getting my hands on it! Keep it up Wes!!
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    COVID-19 Booster Jab

    I've had all 3 jabs. I felt it has far more pros than cons. Working in the NHS I have seen the effects of COVID throughout in the patients I attend. I can honestly say the most ill patients have been the people who have no had jabs. Personally I think its a no-brainer to get it
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    hazeCMS, BETA v1

    Great design, obviously used inspiration from other sites which is okay, it's habbo after all. Like your work! :)
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    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

    Defo gonna get this with the PS5, seems amazing. Very impressed with the improvements they've made to the graphics as well, sounds silly but have you seen how the water looks? Can't wait.
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    Feedback Beautiful Room Ad for an upcoming project!

    It's beautiful. Great job, a good small design but lacks no detail what so ever. Love your work!
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    PlusEMU Netty problem

    It is under dev however theres been alot of work done to it within the past few days which makes it stable, I haven't found a breaking issue yet. @jefin I'd hang on, theres just been a pull request submitted for full netty support (, you can ofc fork...
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    AstroCMS (Comet Emulator)

    I have no use for the CMS but the design is great, it looks so clean! Nice release :)
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    Flash • XabboRP • Friendly Community • Stable Economy •

    The CMS is nice.. it's unique however I feel like the Nav buttons lets it down massively.
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    Flash Habbo.LOL ~ Bringing the fun back to Habbo retros!

    Like I said to Queen in game, I like how you are actively trying to be different to other retros. I love a different CMS and your one is a great start, simple design and very clean with a nice feed! In-game the whole idea of P2P credits is a great idea and something I would want to do myself...
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    [Laravel] FindRetros Voting Validator

    Thank god. Someone using Laravel. Great release!
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    my cms isnt working

    Been awhile since I've even touched RevCMS however are you running cloudflare? Does it work fine if you pause cloudflare? Have you set the right permissions for the IIS user for the cache folder?
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    PlusEMU R3 Navigator Disconnect

    External Variables and Override Variables: Tried it without anything in nav_publics, also tried adding a room to it. Both present same issue. Full debug of emulator...
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    PlusEMU R3 Navigator Disconnect

    First thing I tried.. Still same issue. Please your replies so far have been generic asf and not helpful. I'm not a habbotard. I know the basic things to try first -_- It's not released as such, I think @Sledmore is planning on working on it again soon. I'm using packets from...