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    There are no "normal" people in this scene

    I'm not saying it's bad to use the social aspect of the game. I'm saying that if you're using the game for social reasons, IE. resorting to virtual social connections as a substitute for real social connections, it's indicative of 'issues'. But if you have 'issues', then it definitely can be...
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    There are no "normal" people in this scene

    I don't subscribe to the notion that enjoying habbo and similar games categorically means one has 'issues'. But that's not to say that it's clear to see why people with 'issues' tend to find their way to these games - it's a social outlet for them. If anything, using habbo for the social aspect...
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    [Help] Adding news article to RevCMS?

    Should be in the table 'cms_news' for RevCMS. Object not found generally means that it's taking you to a URL that doesn't exist. In other words, make sure that the path is correct.
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    [Help] Adding news article to RevCMS?

    As Kristo says, you can manually add news articles in your database. If you can't figure out how to get your housekeeping to work, just do that. Happy to TeamViewer if you need a hand - pm me if so.
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    HabboEmulator based off PlusEmulator.

    Would love the DCRs. Thanks.
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    I Need someone who is pro in habbo retros to help me ( I Have VPS)

    If you're giving out your details and giving staff ranks to anybody that helps you then your hotel isn't going to go far, my dude. Do some research and follow guides. There's plenty on devbest, even video ones if you're struggling.
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    Space between currency and GOTW points? On login only.

    This space only exists on login. When I enter a room, it disappears. When I exit a room and return to the Hotel View, it disappears. Thanks in advance.
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    [REQUEST] Need the last Dev branch (PlusEmu R3)

    Same, R1 does the trick for me.
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    badge_definitions.sql gives me a 76% error?

    Can't think of any reasons why, but when I use that .sql for my database, I get a 76% problem. When I truncate the table, I don't get the problem. Using Plus build 1. RevCMS. Can anyone shed any light? Is it because I'm using Plus build 1? Cheers.
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    Another Guy stuck at 76%

    If you didn't import it then it's not your issue. Sorry.
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    Another Guy stuck at 76%

    This might seem odd, but did you import that badge definitions .sql to your database? That was what was keeping me at 76% at one stage. I simply truncated the table and then everything worked.
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    Habbo Retro Index!

    Looks like a basic version of a different index that is floating around, but new contributions are always nice. Thanks mate.
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    Peace Hotel

    Curious as to why you brought Filip on board? Death sentence.
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    Peace Hotel

    Peace had potential, but one owner is completely inactive and is a phantom... and then there's Filip (see quoted message).
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    Revcms Staff page doesn't work?

    Post your staff.php.
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    Changing (hotel view) Button Links.

    UPDATE: So I've figured out where to edit the links. For future reference, it's in the external_variables. However, I still have an issue. ISSUE: The only way I can get a working link to an external site is by using 'link' rather than something like 'catalogbutton' etc. The problem with this...
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    Changing (hotel view) Button Links.

    That doesn't add up. There's three/four buttons and only one entry in the database. Two of the buttons are active links and one is dead. (Don't mind me using phpmyadmin, just running things locally with xampp for testing). EDIT: Not sure if it's helpful, but the text for both the header and...
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    Changing (hotel view) Button Links.

    Nope, not there. Appreciate the response though. Bump.
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    Permanent chatbox ban

    How did you manage to convince everybody that you're special? All these stupid retros giving you owner, but you just fuck them over one by one. Pretty impressive, tbh. :)