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  1. Raynex

    Build height plugin?
  2. Raynex

    web.config to .htaccess

    How i can convert it? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <configuration> <system.webServer> <rewrite> <rules> <rule name="Imported Rule 1"> <match url="^(|/)$" ignoreCase="false" /> <action type="Rewrite"...
  3. Raynex

    About Bios Emulador Commands

    I solve problem, there are 2 emu folders and different configs,one emu config is changing other one is not changing. So i use other emu.
  4. Raynex

    About Bios Emulador Commands

    I am using bios emulador and all command language is Spanish,first i went emu>habbohotel>rooms>chat>commandmanager.cs and i edited it then debug,everything is fine until i tried to write :commands but that doesnt work, I am using C# Visual Studio Code 2019
  5. Raynex

    How can i add furni to Arcturus

    I learn how can i add it. Bro i am using your pack,you upload it to youtube. I add furni and i can see it when i login with flash but there's a problem with nitro, how can i add furni on nitro? edit: If you are free can you do a tutorial how can we add furni to nitro video?
  6. Raynex

    How can i add furni to Arcturus

    You know there must be furniture table in database but it doesnt exist.
  7. Raynex

    How can i add furni to Arcturus

    I want to upload a furni to my hotel but i cant because of furniture does not exist. What should i do?
  8. Raynex

    [HELP] Bios Emulator Commanda

    Hello everyone i need help I want to translate bios emulator commands but i cant find commands manager where can i find?