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    Arcturus MS MentionPlugin, PrizePlugin and SpecialLooks

    edited to include another plugin
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    Arcturus MS MentionPlugin, PrizePlugin and SpecialLooks

    Hey everyone, I posted 2 plugins on github some time ago in case you haven't seen them, the mentionplugin and the prizeplugin, the mention as the name says is used to mention users or groups of users, and the prize is used to give prizes to users when they win events, with a standard prize and...
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    you could just make a r63 design implement in nitro and make the functions that have been removed... using a more current emulator, I think it would be much easier
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    Gamecenter Help

    Hello DevBest! I would like to ask for help with my gamecenter, as you can see it's functional, but i need to add new game pages to it, but i don't know how, i would really appreciate anyone who can help =) I'm using PLUSEMU EDIT: i'm getting this errors, but in external variables...
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    [Request] Client Online Counter

    build a page with the code of counter, add a .load script in client with javascript to do refresh
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    Is it REALLY 10 years though?

    habblet hotel 2012-2020 (brazilian server)
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    use the ms-swf in krews and cosmic cms.
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    catalog clothings bug HELP

    Hello devbest! I have a mistake when wearing catalog clothes when i click to wear any outfit i'm disconnected and thrown to / me I already tried to watch this tutorial
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    Habbo Cms

    Hello Friends of DevBest !, I come here to ask someone who has the habbocity cms in hand or if not, if I have any good brain cms so I can edit and use it in my retro I appreciate <3
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    Bug when using visual mob

    Hello DevBest friends! Today I’m going to ask you for help with a bug in my retro, I’m using [PLUSEMU] Information follows: I have an error, when I buy a look and put it in the room, when using it, the hotel disconnects and goes back to the home page If necessary I can pay if it is very...
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    Colour change from Catalogue & Navigator

    Habbo.swf icons: 2139, 2006 or 423