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  1. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator (Improved)

    I just downloaded the .zip from this post and uploaded it directly to xampp. Worked perfectly fine, no edits. The error with 000host may be some files are redirecting to the wrong area. E.g, the root file is different on 000host than on xampp. You can either fix the source file links, or run it...
  2. sumo

    [Release] Custom Wings

    Well if you’re ever bored, you should try the horse ones. It really just requires taking screenshots of the horse at different angles and erasing the horse. The hard part was trying to easily put them in the game.
  3. sumo

    [Release] Custom Wings

    My dream was a lot more advanced D:, these are nice but it's an old model with a new skin 1563408147 @BR4N I'm not active in the retro community anymore, but my idea was to use the wings from the horse. It actually looked pretty decent (I lost the .swf when I reset my pc), but I couldn't find a...
  4. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator Here's a link to the improved version that I created, source code included. Some people have hosted it in the comments.
  5. sumo

    "My World" not loading for some users...

    I'm pretty sure the data type is meant to be an integer.
  6. sumo

    "My World" not loading for some users...

    Did you give the has_forum column the correct data type?
  7. sumo

    Show DevBest [HTML/CSS] Animated Signature Creator

    A while ago, I designed a simple signature in HTML/CSS so that I wouldn't have to remake them with actual GFX each time. I've barely been using it, so I thought why not just give it out to others. When looking for animated backgrounds, I usually just look for animated .gifs of anime action...
  8. sumo

    [Tut] How to make a Habbo Retro with Xampp [Noob Friendly]

    This tutorial is pretty old and “mysql” has since been deprecated, they’ve moved to “mysqli”. You can either fix the errors through google or use a more up-to-date tutorial on this forum. There’s plenty on here that work.
  9. sumo

    Service - Free Staff Badge Generator.

    I did design it like that, but in my defense, it was purely for release purposes. I wasn't about to spend time actually styling it when I was releasing the functionality of this generator, I couldn't have cared less how it looked. It's up to whoever decided to use it to restyle it. I forgot why...
  10. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator (Improved)

    I've found a better/more permanent fix. This will force all text to become uppercase before the user hits preview, avoiding this issue.
  11. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator (Improved)

    It's happening for all lowercase letters for me on that domain, but not on localhost.
  12. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator (Improved)

    The reason why letters aren't working is because of the file name. If the file name is "A.png" and you type "Habbo" into the text box, it's not working, only "H" will show up. But if you type "HABBO" it works. This wasn't an issue for me on localhost, so I'm not really sure what's going on. A...
  13. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator (Improved)

    No problem! It definitely needs more templates as well, I’ve made the explanation pretty thorough on how to add them if you have any badges you wanna add.
  14. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator it’s released here now, you guys can host it and let me know if there’s any issues
  15. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator (Improved)

    A couple weeks ago, I created a staff badge generator and intended to release it on a host, but there were complications. So, today I'm simply releasing the source code, and people like @wslgh and @Syntus have offered to host it. Here's your chance! The source code can be found in the attached...
  16. sumo

    Staff Badge Generator

    I did finish it, but never got around to the domain. Had some issues. Might just release the source files though, hope someone continues my work
  17. sumo

    Feedback #New Welcome Lounge 2019 for Lubbo Hotel

    I could make a thorough step by step thread later today, it's actually verrry simple. You may need to set up a localhost hotel though, just to test it and make sure everything's fine before releasing.
  18. sumo

    Feedback #New Welcome Lounge 2019 for Lubbo Hotel

    Nor bad. With each release, I think you should also release some custom furni that compliments the room-ad, just to make it more spicy. I could take you through the process of editing swfs if you're unfamiliar with it, it's very simple.
  19. sumo

    Online buttom shows online

    While technically I couldn't find any error causing code, try these fixes: At the beginning of your while loop, try changing: $onlineStatus = "online"; if($belcr_row['online'] == '0') $onlineStatus = "offline"; To: if ($belcr_row['online'] == 0) { $onlineStatus = "offline"; } else {...
  20. sumo

    Rank Permissions?

    I didn’t know :update_placeholder was a thing, thought it was :update placeholder, but here’s some fixes I’ve used in the past: Do you have a permissions table in your database where all commands are defined? If so, check that table to make sure that the command is properly defined or if it’s...