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  1. iLuzDemSkittles

    Applicant My Developer Application

    If you're gonna hate, do it somewhere else. It's just immature how you still hate on this application , when it's like a year old.
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    How'd your username come to be?

    Because i love SKittles
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    PC PedectriCraft | Factions |

    Is it Premium or Cracked?
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    Flash ~ Snow Hotel ~ R63B ~ 24/7 ~ Just Opened

    The CMS is awful. Other than that, its an "Okay" hotel. Good Luck. 4/10
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    Request Badges staff

    That badge has been already made, by another Graphic Artists. You just changed the letters i guess. But try to make an custom one. Nice Job thou.
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    Yes, you should update the dl link.
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    GTA V (PS3) GTA V Online Account Mods

    Can you get me GTA V for free then? I would appreciate it if you could.
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    Feedback Opinions

    I agree with Arlindo.
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    GTA V (PS3) GTA V Online Account Mods

    Nice, i wish i had my gta. But it sounds legit. I believe you can mod.
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    Flash Habshack.NET - Secure, Unique & Regularly Updated

    The cms is pretty Decent, thats pretty much it. Mighty hop on and see whats the community is looking like.
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    Applicant My Developer Application

    Hello fellow Devbest And Habbo users. I'm here on the behalf to show ya'll my developer application.I'm am currently looking for a hotel to develop on. My status will be and always will be open. Name: Andrew Age: 16 Country: USA Timezone: EST Why do i want to be staff/ a developer. I would...
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    Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake you make. Keep...

    Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake you make. Keep that in mind ;).
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    Thank you i guess. Lmao They better be good too, or i doubt this thread will get anywhere.
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    This would be "useful" if we can see what they are.
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    Recruiting Habbo Retro Developer Serious Inquires Only Please.

    Age: 17 Experience: I have many experience with the knowledge of habbo retros.I've been in the game for about 5-7 years.I've been an developer for about 2 or 3 years.My choice of the best habbo retro is r63b.I say that because it has a nice stability, not that hard to figure out and etc. I've...
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    *****.us R63 Custom CMS

    Nah, everyone has the "Pet Command and Kiss etc" Not much of an excitement. And I'm going with Westyy's Comment.
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    Looking for someone to run hotel with

    Hmm, I won't be able to help out, You might have to do it all lmao.
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    Samsung or IPhone?

    I want ya'll decisions, to see if i should get an Samsung or an IPhone. I'm going with Samsung for right now, I want the Iphone users to convince me to change.