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  1. Brad

    How Strong Is Your Computing Device? (NovaBench)

    Don't say that.... I remember the 8700 release like it was yesterday!!
  2. Brad

    Arcturus Emulator 2.0 - Project Sirius C# | Distributed, Multi Revision, Powerful API + MOAR

    Hate? Constructive feedback is not hate. Nobody expects him to go above and beyond for the community, exactly why open source would mean that he gets more support. You think developers left because of hate? 🤣🤣
  3. Brad

    Arcturus Emulator 2.0 - Project Sirius C# | Distributed, Multi Revision, Powerful API + MOAR

    Open-source doesn't mean adding more developers to the same project, it opens it up to more support and development which is exactly what we need right now due to Habbo as a whole dying. The last thing we need is a closed source project for something that's going to have no one playing. Basing...
  4. Brad

    Arcturus Emulator 2.0 - Project Sirius C# | Distributed, Multi Revision, Powerful API + MOAR

    Your last project wasn't open-source, right? Just look at that for example why it's disappointing. Open development is always better.
  5. Brad

    Applicant Bored, let me know what you got. I'll help.

    Hi, got some spare time so decided I can help out a few if you need. Just drop me a PM on here or drop your discord and I'll add you, Strengths are as follows; PHP, HTML, C# & Python (still new to this). Thanks.
  6. Brad

    Starlight [C#/.NET Core/Dapper]

    Hi, Looks VERY promising, is there a GIT for this? would love to check it out. Looking forward to seeing updates.
  7. Brad

    Arcturus Emulator 2.0 - Project Sirius C# | Distributed, Multi Revision, Powerful API + MOAR

    Hi, Development seems promising, by your plugin feature does look rather handy, but disappointing this won't be open source but at the same time I do understand why. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing updates.
  8. Brad

    Five M Server

    Website is down for me. Anyhow, what region is your player base/server?
  9. Brad

    HabboRW - The True HTML5 Champion

    Thread closed due to violation of our rules. once your hotel becomes public, drop a staff member a message or report the post.
  10. Brad

    I got a cat

    He's bootiful <3_<3
  11. Brad

    Gaming PC

    Yeah as previously mentioned by others this is a bad deal and this is a perfect example on why you should always do your research when buying new components, especially a whole PC. For GTAV, the CPU will struggle due to it being a CPU heavy game, I think you'll average around 40-60fps on...
  12. Brad

    What's your EDC contain?

    Just a casual redkneck then?
  13. Brad

    GoldFish CMS [Arcturus Morningstar, Laravel, Bootstrap4]

    Thread closed upon request, if you wish to have it re-opened feel free to PM me or any other staff member.
  14. Brad

    Anyone play GTA.WORLD?

    Hi, lately I've got into a modded GTA:V server called GTA world. You can find it at If you play let me know!
  15. Brad

    SetState command

    SetStateCommand.cs using System; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Collections.Generic; using Plus.HabboHotel.Rooms; using Plus.HabboHotel.Rooms.Games; using Plus.HabboHotel.Rooms.Games.TEAMs; using Plus.HabboHotel.Rooms.Notifications; namespace...
  16. Brad

    Subscription Extension

    Would just bring more issues than it's worth imo. Many users would just "change" their mind and either dispute or ask for a refund. Or if anything was to happen to DevBest remaining subscriptions would be losing out.
  17. Brad

    New Build

    Here's a GIF of the RGB :p. Rainbow was a little Overkill so I now run it at solid white, looks much cleaner.
  18. Brad

    New Build

    It is done, well after a few more cable tidies and the new Nvidia 3080 to be released.
  19. Brad

    Cubity - A Habbo like game

    Thread has been moved to the correct section, although it may be inspired by Habbo it's not actually Habbo-related. Best of luck with your project, it looks good.
  20. Brad

    Introduction Alien right here.

    Welcome to Devbest! Hope you enjoy your time here & if you need any help or have any questions feel free to PM me.