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    Sterno ~ Habbo HTML5 Client Project (HTML, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB) [v0.4]

    I would like to know the reason you chose Mongodb as the database? It seems to me most of the data you would be tackling is relational.
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    Downgrade your PHP version
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    Habbo's 20th Birthday

    I was on back in 2005... I was "Nabooboy"
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    What font is that?

    Its not a font. Its a image. The closest font you might be able to get is Goldfish. If you want to generate an image similar to it you can use
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    Bridge MPU by Martoon

    The left side of the bridge wires are hanging strangely. Shadows are inconsistent If bridge is supposed to reflect reality then theres supporting construction underneath missing.
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    Holo RP

    I need a little more context in order to help you. 500 errors is the server telling you, you made a mistake somewhere in your code.
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    Also opened my Danish one. Https://

    Also opened my Danish one. Https://